Friday, July 19, 2024

Yvette Bezuidenhout

Past life: scuba instructor. English teacher/ freediver. Author of Wayan and the Turtle King, a children's book on the effects of plastic on the marine environment.

Raising Awareness About Shark Consumption In Taiwan

With 100-million sharks killed every year, mainly for their fins, Staff Writer Yvette went in search of sharks on a midnight trip to a local fish market

PADI Women’s Dive Day 2017 at Asia’s Only Deep Pool

How did you celebrate PADI Women's Dive Day 2017? Staff Writer Yvette decided to visit Asia's only deep pool for Scuba Diving and Freediving

Review: Octopus Freediving Noseclip

The crowdfunded Octopus Noseclip brought the Freediving world together last year. We take a look to see what the end result is like.

Octopus Freediving Launches New Website & Free Worldwide Postage

Last year, Pascal Berger decided that he wanted to design and make a new noseclip for the freediving community. This week sees the launch of the Octopus Freediving website,...

Results of the South East Asia Team Freediving Pool competition

The first South East Asia (SEA) Team Freediving Pool competition took place in Penang, Malaysia on 10th-11th December. Teams from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia competed, with Singapore winning first place overall, Malaysia...

Beth Neale Sets Free Immersion African Freediving Continental Record For I AM WATER

Africa's female freedivers have been busy the last two months. In November, Passante Adel from Egypt dived to 54m in the Free Immersion (FIM) discipline during the RedCcup, setting...

Sustainable Christmas Present Ideas For Divers

Christmas is coming soon, shops are getting busier and cheesy songs are on auto-repeat. The dreaded Christmas shopping experience isn't getting any easier. I would like to think that...

Round-Up of the Bristol Blue Freediving Competition 2016

The inaugural Bristol Blue Freediving Competition took place on November 27th at Horfield Leisure Centre. The event was covered 'live' on Facebook by PADI, one of the event's sponsors. Kayleigh...

Mateusz Malina Sets 229m Pure Apnea World Record Dynamic Bi-Fins

Mateusz Malina from Poland broke the current Pure Apnea DYN Bi-fins world record of 226m by swimming a distance of 229m at the Free Dive World mini comp, held...

Yoram Zekri and Amber Bourke Take Gold At The 2016 AFA Depth National Championships

The 2016 AFA Depth National Championships, hosted by AFA Depth National Championships, hosted by Apnea Bali, drew to a close with more National Records being set. Highlights Komtanoo Pinpimai set another National...

Day 2 Round-up of the 2016 AFA Depth National Championships

Day 2 brought some more great results from Tulamben, where this year's AFA Depth National Championships are being held. Conditions were good: no current and a calm, flat surface...

Interview: South African Freediver Beth Neale Upcoming Record Attempt

Beth Neale, a South African freediver, is training to break the women’s Free Immersion (FIM) National Record for South Africa in early December 2016, all in the name of...

Results of Fusion Breath Hold Hero Challenge 2016

Fusion Freediving and Yoga held a beach clean-up and static apnea competition from November 10th to 11th at The Griya Villas and SPA in Amed, Bali. Local Indonesian staff and...

Performance Freediving International and Freediving For The Disabled

Kirk Krack has been freediving since his childhood, 'snorkeling' off the family sailboat. He was a lifeguard and swimming instructor as a teenager and became a scuba instructor at...

Day 1 Round-up of the 2016 AFA Depth National Championships

Following on from the success of the 2015 event, Seventeen athletes from 7 countries competed today at the AFA Depth National Championships in Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia. Highlights There were some great...