Saturday, June 22, 2024

Avelo Unveils New Dive Computer Mode


The folks who developed the Avelo, an innovative lightweight scuba system that uses water to manage your buoyancy, this past weekend unveiled a new dive computer mode.

The Avelo system consists of a Hydrotank and a back plate. The heart of the system is the Hydrotank. Inside this carbon-fiber tank is a bladder which contains your air. The attached Hydrotank has a battery and a pump connected to it to power and put water into the system. The water manages your buoyancy.

The Avelo Mode calculates your buoyancy, gives real-time percentage of gas remaining and workload, and gives insights into your dives that improve performance.

Shearwater Research is the first to develop and release the Avelo Mode on their Teric dive computer.

Avelo Mode On Shearwater Research's Teric Dive Computer
Avelo Mode On Shearwater Research’s Teric Dive Computer

Avelo Mode includes the following features:

  • Personal/gear/buoyancy setup menu
  • Gas time remaining as % of starting pressure
  • Tank pressure
  • Calculation of your buoyancy status
  • User input to “clear” buoyancy status to “neutral”
  • Cloud support for Avelo profiles
  • Dive shops can send profiles to Avelo dashboard to use as a teaching device

The Avelo Mode will be available in connection with the next firmware release for the Teric dive computer on June 17, 2024. After installing the new firmware, the Avelo Mode will then be available by purchasing the Avelo Mode Unlock Code, retailing for US$99/~€91 from your Shearwater authorized dealer.

For more info about Avelo Mode, go to

Check out Avelo’s latest video below, featuring stuntwoman Liz Parkinson.

John Liang
John Liang
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