Sunday, September 24, 2023
Scuba DivingBag Size Restrictions

Bag Size Restrictions


Certain airlines have implemented restrictions on luggage (bag) sizes and may charge additional fees for luggage that is over the airline’s size or weight limits, and/or possibly for the carriage of "sports equipment".?? Every airline has different limitations and varying levels of enforcement.

To protect yourself and your customers, you should notify purchasers of Armor bags that certain Armor bags are technically oversized by certain airline standards.?? They include, but may not be limited to the Armor #4 Rolling Duffle, Armor #5-L Large Stealth Bags, Armor #2 and 2IE (depending if they are packed to maximum size).

It is the responsibility of the consumer to insure that the bag they are purchasing is suitable for the manner in which they intend to use it.?? Armor is not responsible for airline surcharges.

Armor does have many bags that do comply with all airline regulations.?? Please check the sizes. When using the #2 Backpack with wheels, it is recommended that the bag not be packed completely full for airline travel, and that the cinch straps be used to minimize the overall size of the bag.

Armor Products LLC believes it is only right that we, and our dealers, notify our patrons of these airline restrictions before they purchase an Armor bag that may be too large.

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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