If you’re a cold-water diving aficionado, BARE has base layers for men and women that are now available for purchase.

The company’s Ultrawarmth Base Layers keep divers warmer for longer with their Celliant Infrared Technology embedded in the fabric of the material.

Mike Ange, BARE’s Global Brand Manager, says:

“The success of infrared technology in all our Ultrawarmth products shows how well the technology works. In 2017 we commenced the research and development necessary to bring this technology to a stylish and functional base layer under garment with unrivaled thermal performance, and the results are now available in Ultrawarmth tops and bottoms in men’s and women’s sizing, designed to give consumers another best-in-category choice for warmth when they need it most.”

The Ultrawarmth Base Layer pattern is a form-fitting design that helps improve comfort under all BARE drysuits by eliminating the bulk that often comes with excess material.

Men’s and women’s tops are available for US$99.95/~84.60 Euros, and the pants retail for $74.95/~63.44 Euros.

For more info, check out the video below or go to the baresports.com website.

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