If you’re a fan of BARE‘s D6 Pro Drysuit and it’s beginning to see some wear, it might be time to upgrade.

BARE announced recently that it had upgraded its D6 Pro Drysuit to give it additional durability and reliability.

The D6 has been the company’s most popular drysuit over the past 10 years, according to Tyler Dickman, Brand Manager for BARE:

“It’s earned its reputation as the most reliable suit on the market. So, we’ve decided to give it the HD treatment to ensure it stays at the forefront of the industry as we move forward.”

The new D6 HD Pro Dry features 6-mm neoprene, a “diamond-tuff nylon laminate on the exterior” for abrasion protection along with kevlar pads on the knees.

The D6 HD Pro doesn’t have a single seam, which improves the suit’s longevity in that puncture holes that come from traditional seam stitching are eliminated.

Dickman says:

“The D6 HD Pro Dry is designed for the diver who wants greater security and comfort. It’s one tough suit. And like all BARE drysuits, it comes with our lifetime guarantee on seams and workmanship. Now you can explore the most challenging and unpredictable places with complete confidence that your drysuit will protect you.”

For sizes and pricing, check out the BARE website.

BARE has upgraded its D6 Pro Drysuit.