Saturday, July 13, 2024

Barry McGill Talks Now Available On Demand


Acclaimed photographer and wreck explorer Barry McGill’s talks from OzTek are now available on demand.

The renowned explorer and diver has successfully captured many iconic wrecks, including the RMS Amazon, HMS Viknor and HMS D6, and delivers exciting and unique talks about his adventures. Two presentations are currently available to view via video on demand:

A Tale of Liners & Battleships

In this talk, McGill discusses two of the most famous wrecks found in Irish waters, the RMS Lusitania and HMS Audacious.

A Diver’s Guide to Irish Shipwreck Exploration

With a rich history, the waters off the Irish coast are filled with iconic wrecks from both world wars and beyond. In this talk, McGill delivers a tour de Force of some of the most iconic wrecks in Irish waters, including the RMS Justicia, the SS Empress of Britain, S.S. Transylvania, HMS Hurst Castle as well as World War I U-boats UB 124 and U45.

The talks are available as stand-alone features or as a speaker package.

The videos are available individually from £7.76/~US$9.14/~€8.87 or as a package from £15.96/~$18.8/~€18.25.

You find the videos here.
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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