Scuba Schools International recently announced their annual Master Diver Challenge, where folks who get certified as Master Divers during 2020 gat automatically entered into a raffle to win a trip on a liveaboard in Roatan.

To become an SSI Master Diver, you’ll need to complete a minimum of five Specialties with one being SSI Diver Stress and Rescue and log over 50 dives.

Some Specialties can be completed in the middle of the winter, like Enriched Air Nitrox or Ecology Specialties that require no dives. Or Drysuit and Perfect Buoyancy that require pool training only.

Up to two Specialties — not including SSI Diver Stress and Rescue — from a recognized, non-SSI agency can also count toward your five SSI Specialties.

For more info, contact your local SSI dealer or go to