Belgian Freediver Inge Verbruggen Sets 3 New National Records

Inge Verbruggen National Records

Dahab’s famous Blue Hole witnessed 3 national records last week. Belgian freediver Inge Verbruggen got 2 white cards on April 28th for a new Free Immersion (FIM) national record with 46m and Variable Weight (VWT) national record with 56m.

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In spite of difficulties with relaxation and equalization during her training before the attempt, Inge managed 2 very easy and comfortable dives, surfacing super fresh and with a clean surface protocol.

On the 1st May, she gathered her courage once more for a No Limits (NLT) 61m national record. The Blue hole was not very kind, with strong – and unusual – currents and poor water conditions. Once again Inge showcased her strong diving with an easy dive and yet another white card making her the record holder for all depth disciplines for Belgium.

The record attempts were organized by Pim Vermeulen, with judges Hussein Odaiba and Waleed Ghattas.

Inge Verbruggen National Records Team Photo