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Best Scuba Diving Fins for 2016

Fins are an essential part of your scuba diving equipment; so spending a little bit more time selecting the type of fin that works for you, is a good idea. The fins, mask and snorkel parts of your dive gear are usually the equipment that you buy yourself and do not rent from a dive centre. Some prefer to use their own equipment because it’s clean and has only been used by them, and some choose to use their own equipment because that equipment has been tailored made to suit them. If you are looking for a fresh new pair of fins this year, then take a look below to see the best of the best for scuba diving fins in 2016

With fins, it is very easy to see a low price and run to it however, usually the more expensive the fin, the better it is.

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Oceanic Viper

The very name of this fin catches your attention. Made with extremely lightweight material, this vented open heeled fin has been made to direct water off of the tip of the blade, which in turn improves power and the efficiency of the fins. The blades of the fin have power vents that reduce stress on the fin itself. These fins are highly flexible and the oversized blade has been designed for increased thrust. This is a superb fin, which comes in a range of colours and sizes. The Oceanic Viper also comes in a full-footed version.

Price: $79.95


Scubapro Seawing Nova Full Foot

This incredible hybrid design provides the power and range of movement, similar to that of a blade fin, with all the comfort and efficiency of a split fin. With its variable blade geometry, it will be extremely difficult to find a fin better than the Scubapro, Seawing Nova Full Foot. The wings of the fin are directed upwards to provide stability throughout your dive. If you are looking for a top-notch pair of fins, then you must consider these beauties. Available in a range of different colours, they will most certainly make you stand out on your next dive boat.

Price: $143


Atomic Aquatics Splitfin (smoke on water)

This unbelievable fin is one of the best on the market and even comes in a range of cool and funky colours to suit you. Made of ultra light material, this fin is perfect for all you travelling scuba divers out there. They are so lightweight that they can easily fit in your suitcase. With a semi-open toed structure to provide extra comfort, the makers of this fin have thought of everything. The Atomic Aquatics Splitfin has a flexible and ridged body for efficient propulsion. Additionally, this fin has two easy-to-release buckles, one on either side which can help immensely when coming out of the water. You know divers say; “once you use a split fin, you will never go back”.

Price: $259.95


Seac Motus Kama

This has to be the coolest fin I have ever seen. The Seac Motus Kama has interchangeable, anti-reflection, camouflage patterned fins, which are made of a material that is resistant to cuts and abrasions. The blade is slightly set at a 22-degree angle, which numerous studies show that this angle has been used to obtain the best performance, without tiring out the legs. The foot pockets have been created with thermoplastic rubber on the sole, so you wont have to worry about stepping on anything sharp on the sea floor and the sides of the foot have been made with a super soft rubber for comfort. Overall these fins not only look cool, they also work extremely well in the water.

Price: $189


Sherwood Scuba Elite Tiffany Open Heel

Made from dual composite material, this ultra lightweight fin with full-length power rails is certainly at the top of its game when it comes down to performance. With a blade fin that is flexible to prevent any leg strain, this fin for women helps to increase performance and has comfortable, but thick foot pockets. It comes in a number of cool colours, however the teal and charcoal will help you to stand out of the crowd.

Price: $81


Jennifer Palmer
Jennifer Palmer
Diving since I was 13 years old, I am currently a rescue diver working towards my Dive Master qualification. As well as diving, I am also a freelance writer and a professional baker, with my own recipe blog Jennifer's Cakes.



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