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Best Scuba Diving Masks for 2016

With the New Year well on its way, we have some amazing and exciting new equipment to take a look at, if you’re looking for the best masks for 2016, then this is where you will find them…

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Atomic Aquatics Frameless 2

This mask is certainly not the cheapest mask on the market however, it is one of the best and if you are looking for a mask with a soft silicone design, with a close and comfortable fit, then the Atomic Aquatics Frameless 2 is certainly the mask for you. With a panoramic view, this mask can change your diving experience forever. There is nothing worse then coming up after a dive and having sore marks on your face, which (lets face it) don’t go away until much later, well this mask avoids those issues by being frameless, which means less pressure marks and more of a close fit. The lens itself is made of low-iron glass, which helps to reduce distortion, and even though the mask itself looks larger than a normal mask, the volume is much smaller, which makes for easier equalising. The buckle and strap mechanism is easy to use and stays put when adjusted. This really is the perfect addition to your scuba diving kit.

Price: $139.95


Hollis M3

The aim of this mask is to provide 100% perfect visibility and this mask certainly complies. What makes the M3 stand out from other masks on the market is its ability to remain comfortable and dry throughout a dive. Similar to the Atomic frameless mask (above), the M3 looks much larger than other dive masks however, the volume is much smaller, making it easier to equalize and to clear. The skirt of the mask is a traditional design, however it has tapered edges and ribbed stiffeners along its sides to help it mould to suit your face, made for a soft and comfortable fit. The lenses are made of a low iron glass, meaning less distortion.

This mask is the perfect all rounder and has certainly been given the thumbs up from us.

Price: $84.95


Cressi Air

With its sophisticated ‘face-hugging’ design, this mask has a low volume, wide field of view structure, with a skirt design, which offers a comfortable and close fit. The skirt of the mask has a pleated design, where it attaches to the frame, this allows the skirt to move and fit perfectly to your face. The outcome of this design means that it forms an almost ‘second skin’ on your face, providing a comfortable and smooth fit, which is extremely efficient at forming a seal. All in all this mask is comfortable and dry, which are two very important things to consider, when buying a scuba mask.

Price: $94.95


Poseidon Black Line Mask

This ultra-light, black matt mask has been specifically designed for a ‘heads-up’ view. It incorporates a frameless design for comfort with a single tilted downwards lens, which can provide an unbeatable field of vision. With its low volume and stylish look, you will certainly stand out on your dive boat. The skirt of this mask is wide and soft, with a smooth finish, which provides the perfect seal around the face. This mask is a great addition to your dive gear.

Price: $99.95


IST Sports MP110

The IST Sports MP110 mask looks extremely basic at first sight however, utilises a whole range of technologies that are extremely important when creating a dive mask. Made from a hypoallergenic liquid silicone, this frameless mask moulds to fit your face, providing a secure fit with a leak-free seal. It comes in a number of colours, so don’t be frightened off when seeing the white mask. It is not the most expensive mask however provides all of the essentials and key points that divers look for when choosing a mask.

Price: $45


Jennifer Palmer
Jennifer Palmer
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