Both anticipation and spirits are high in the picturesque, bayside village of Soufriere, Dominica as freediving athletes from 18 different countries around the world have gathered to compete in the 3rd annual Blue Element competition.

Organizer Johnny Sunnex had this to say:

“This is our 3rd Edition. We have 30 athletes and are expecting to have more than 150 official performances, so we are very proud to see how the event has grown over the last few years and we are very grateful to the athletes, the crew members and the sponsors that have enabled this competition to be what it is.”

This idyllic Caribbean destination is rapidly becoming a favorite destination for freedivers and sponsors alike, with popular apnea brands such as Suunto and Alchemy showing robust support — the latter exclusively launching their new V3 30 short fins, for professional freediving safeties and ease of travel.

The new Alchemy V3 shorty fins, exclusively launched at #BE2019 (photo by Daan Verhoeven)

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