Carrying on their work from last year, Blue Water Ventures International has announced that the initial phase of site surveys has been conducted off the U.S. coast of North and South Carolina.

The company announced that seven out of 12 target sites have been confirmed via Side Scan Sonar. Also, divers have recovered material from the sites confirming the wrecks.

Blue Water Ventures said further historical research is needed to better identify the sites. The company survey operations will continue in 2019. Running at the same time, Blue Water Ventures International will continue its recovery operations on the sites of the Steamship Pulaski and the Steamship North Carolina.

According to Blue Water Ventures International CEO Keith Webb:

“It’s always a thrill to find X marks the spot. We’ve got a great crew this season, everyone is excited to be back on the water.”

You can find out more about the company’s operations here.