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The Blue Wild To Conduct Photography Contest

The Blue Wild To Conduct Photography Contest

The Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo is conducting a photography contest where the top three pictures in three categories will receive gift certificates from Divers Direct.

The first category, “Macro Underwater Photo,” is for photos that highlight the ocean’s beauty and marine life in its natural state. Category No. 2 is for the same kind of pictures as the first category, only in wide angle. For the first two categories, the subjects must be alive and in their natural ocean habitat.

The third category, “Waterman Lifestyle,” can be of photos above or below the water, “emphasizing the beauty of nature.” Human subjects or interaction are allowed. This category can include diving, spearfishing (without the dead fish), stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking “or any sport lifestyle.”

The submission deadline is Midnight January 31. For each category, First Place gets the photographer a $600 gift certificate from Divers Direct; Second Place gets a $300 gift certificate and Third Place gets a $100 gift certificate. Winners will be announced at the Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo on Feb. 21.

For complete rules and information, click here.



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