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Born of Water Apparel Showcases Neck Gaiter at the Blue Wild Expo

As water-sports enthusiasts, whether we dive, sail, fish or hang out on the beach, we have always relied on the tried-and-true hat, sunglasses and t-shirt to cover up when things get too toasty. Common wisdom might lead one to think that there is rarely a new clothing item that merits a news story; a t-shirt or cap is pretty much the same as any other, design and fabric differences being the only difference.

When Ryan McClellan, the founder of Born of Water Apparel and spent some time discussing Born of Water’s newest product at the Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo this past weekend, the exception to the rule became the centerpiece of our talk.

Many of our readers are already familiar with Born of Water Apparel – Scuba Diving, Spearfishing & Freediving and their extensive line of clothing and couture for all water sport enthusiasts. 

The Born of Water Premium Neck Gaiter is a multi-functional item that every water enthusiast should consider a part of their daily wear on the water. This ultra-light and extremely durable tube of Microfiber Polyester, a highly moisture-wicking material, is deceptively simple in design and appearance, but the functionality is pretty much limited to the imagination and need of the user.

Hats and sunglasses cannot cover all of our exposed skin, and in the harsh sunlight experienced by watersport participants, this is a real concern. The risk of sunburn, the skin-chapping wind on a boat, salt spray, insects, and the ever-present threat of skin cancer makes effective coverage a must-have.

The Premium Neck Gaiter is a versatile, SPF 50, UVA/UVB protection that can be worn as a Balaclava, skullcap, neck protector, headband, bandanna, face mask or as a really cool scrunchie for those with long hair. With over twenty colorful designs…from the flag of California to the requisite “Diver Down” flag, this fully-hemmed head wear makes a great gift for the diver, boater, fisherman or surfer in your life.

Soak it in water and wear it on your head to cool down, or protect your neck from chafing wetsuits or neck-weights, and know that your skin is protected from the harmful rays of the Sun.

While the regular price for the Premium Neck Gaiter is only $24.95, you can purchase one for US$19.95 or two for $39.90 through May 8th on their website Use Code GAITER for your discount!

Born Of Water Showcases Neck Gaiter At The Blue Wild Expo
Born Of Water Showcases Neck Gaiter At The Blue Wild Expo



John Griffith
John Griffith
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