On one of the most epic days so far in the Bahamas at the OriginECN Vertical Blue Freediving Competition, Sayuri Kinoshita (Japan) has claimed the Free Immersion (FIM) World Record with a nice super clean 94m dive set under AIDA International rules.

The record was taken by Alessia Zecchini (Italy) only last Friday with a 93m dive at the competition.

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We continue to see some of these elite women freedivers continue to challenge each other and with 2 days left after today, we may see this record extended once again.

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Kinoshita had this to say to DeeperBlue.com:

“My dive was a lot of fun and so good! I felt strong because all the girls are really strong this year! They have given me good energy!”

Kinoshita will now go through WADA Anti-Doping tests and all footage will be reviewed by the judges later today.  Once both those things are completed the record will be made officially announced, however as we have seen in this competition there is always a chance the video review will throw up a reason for the judges to reconsider the dive.

Sayuri Kinoshita – OriginECN Vertical Blue – Day 7. Photo by Daan Verhoeven
Sayuri Kinoshita – OriginECN Vertical Blue – Day 7. Photo by Alex St Jean

Feature photo by Alex St Jean