Friday, May 24, 2024

Breathe In: A Freediving Documentary


This week’s video is a short film documentary directed by Jose Dinis who talks to Belgian Freediver and Underwater Photographer Fred Buyle.

Freediving has been practiced since ancient Greece, or perhaps even before, whether for fishing or for collecting sponges or pearls from the bottom of the ocean. Today, the limits are daily tested and pushed by thousands of “Aquamans” who see in the sea their training ground and in the water the freedom and tranquility that the surface world lacks.

And it’s in the middle of the ocean that we’ll find Fred Buyle, a former professional athlete and world record holder for freediving, currently living in the Azores. Today, Fred is a professional underwater photographer, in fact, the world’s first freediver photographer, but, as we’ve come to discover, it’s also much more than that. The beginnings of sport, training difficulties, interaction with marine animals, the environment, and even the future of humanity are discussed with Fred in “Breathe In”, while we try to understand what his home truly is : land or sea.


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