Products such as Breatheology “The art of conscious breathing” and the Breatheology Lanyard are now available at the Exclusives online store.

Breatheology products are developed by Stig Severinsen, a four time World Record champion freediver. Stig also holds advanced degrees in both medicine (PhD) and biology (MS). This combination gives Severinsen a fairly unique perspective on the sport of freediving and is what has propelled his interest in breathing. For the last decade Stig has both practised and investigated the beneficial effects of breathing and breath-hold on the mind and body.

This dedication and effort has culminated in products such as the Book (available in printed and ebook format) and Lanyard.

Stig took some time recently to record some trailers for Exclusives – you can check them out below or via our YouTube Channel. Exclusives ships worldwide from warehouses in the UK and the USA.