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Britons prove extreme in ironing


A group of British scuba and freedivers got together on 10January for an Extreme Ironing Guinness World Record attempt the NationalDiving and Activity Centre in Chepstow, Wales.  This special feat was captured on camera by 11underwater, and the divers plunged into brass monkey water temperatures of just41F (5C) to carry out the attempt at the bottom of a 173ft-deep flooded quarry.They each had to iron one item of linen within a 10-minute time limit – and 86 ofthem completed the task under the professional supervision of the judges.


The group beat the previous world record of 72 set in Melbourne, Australia,last year. Around 140 people from across the UK volunteered their time, with 128of them qualified divers.  Depending onexperience, each sunk to the quarry bed at different depths with an ironingboard, iron and an item of linen.  Arecord 86 divers managed the task, while the remainder was either disqualifiedfor starting too early, or penalized for overshooting the 10-minute time limit.


Comments from Deeperblue member participants were “I thinkthe free divers did a grand job in the water, being it was around 5 C, most ofthe rest sat between 45 and 10m in scuba gear, the BA 146 was one of the morephotogenic spots and the vis there was ideal for video, the same could not besaid for some of the other spots chosen. It was a cracking day out with someterrific team spirit; with almost raised 10k for the RLNI at the last count itdoes allot to dispel the myth that we are all armchair divers out here incyberspace.”


“Was a fun day out, I should dive a single tank more oftenit was soooo much easier than the rebreather! What made the day even better wasthe lovely christmas dinner we had in the Boat afterwards.”


The Brits have shown a tremendous team spirit at this event andsome videos/more news of the event may be seen at these links.


Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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