Brush Up On Your Skills Before The UK’s 7th Great Northern Freediving Competition

Great Northern Rebecca Coales. Photo courtesy of Daan Verhoeven

The next UK AIDA Freediving competition held by Apneists UK will be on the 10th April, 2016 at Wright Robinson College pool in Manchester, UK. It will be the 7th Great Northern event and will incorporate the UK BFA National pool championships. Entries are now open, and applications are being taken

There are also opportunities for budding athletes to brush up on their Freediving skills prior to the event.  Apneists UK is offering a number of courses, in addition to beginners courses of course, that will assist athletes in the run up to the competition.  These courses have produced the back bone of the safety crews in UK competitions, and many podium places and National Record holders across the disciplines.

Courses on offer are:

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