BSAC offers Maritime Archaeological training course in Philippines

This is a unique opportunity to be the first to do an archaeological survey training course in a beautiful hot and historical location. BSAC and the Anglo-Danish Maritime Archaeological Team are holding a training course as part of the London Regional Expedition Diving Scheme for 2005.

This project will take place between 16th-30th April and 20th April – 14th May 2005.

Applications are invited from divers, students, archaeologists and volunteers wishing to participate in the project.

The Philippines were an important trading centre for the ancient Chinese and Spanish and many ships were perished in the Typhoons. The training programme will teach people how to survey for shipwrecks going on to use the learnt skills to uncover a local mystery as to why 16th century Chinese pottery shards are being found.

All archaeological training will be given, including ADMAT’s own Underwater Survey Diver course and various BSAC skill development courses will also be run.

See their website for more details.

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