The build up to the 2015 AIDA Individual Depth Championships (#aidaworldchampionship) has started.  The pre-competition event, where athletes can train on the official dive site and facilities that will be used during the championships, started on Saturday 5th and today saw the first judged dives.

Conditions have been reported as quite difficult with strong currents that caused divers to turn early as well as a few divers not to start.  Despite that there were 4 National Records set today as part of the pre-competition:

  • Jesper Stechman (Denmark) set a Free Immersion (FIM) record at 92m
  • Aolin Wang (China) set a Constant Weight (CWT) record of 76m
  • Kate Middleton (New Zealand) set a Free Immersion (FIM) record of 75m
  • Walter Chivescu (Romania) set a Free Immersion (FIM) record of 56m

The pre-competition will continue through to Thursday 10th September with the official Championships starting on Friday 11th September.

Keep your eyes peeled to for more information in the run up to the World Championships.

Most photos are courtesy of fabulous underwater photographer Daan Verhoeven – athletes who are interested in purchasing copies of their photos should head to his website or contact him via Facebook.

Kate Middleton (New Zealand) Setting Her 75m Free Immersion National Record
Jesper Stechmann (Denmark) Reclaims His Free Immersion National Record With A 92m Dive

All Photos Above Courtesy Of and © Daan Verhoeven

Pre-Competition Results From 7th September 2015