Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Buyle and Winram become Freeclimbers


Frederic Buyleand William Winram have discovered interesting ways of displaying their freediving skills while aboard a 30-meter sailing boat in the turquoise watersof the South of France.   These two gentlemen, both world-class freedivers and world record holders, have worked twenty-onedays straight with the purpose of filming one of several high-definitiondocumentaries featuring freediving. To beat the stress of film-making, they have found a unique way of beating “freediver blues” which according to them is caused by having to dive daily in cool waters (15° C).  This unusual activity but fun way of reducing stress is also simultaneously pursuing their quest to produceout of the ordinary underwater photography, like the now infamous “A Beer Chez Dean” takenin the Bahamas last April.

In the little spare timeaway from the daily “chore” of having to dive for the cameras, they decided totake on “freeclimbing”.

“It’s great”, says Winram,tongue-in-cheek.  “I am usually afraid of heights, but with underwaterfreeclimbing, I feel safe”. Indeed, no need for a harness, ropes or someone tobelay at the bottom. The only caution one needs to exercise while practicingthis activity is to mind the climbing surface: do not touch the coral!

Buyle and Winram’s nextventure will be taking place in the beautiful Ionian Islands (Greece) laterthis month until early September. Aboard a fully-equipped 15­ metre liveaboardyacht, they will take 8 participants out for a sailing and freedivingexperience of a lifetime.





Buyle and Winram become Freeclimbers 3
Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise is the former News Editor for She is based in Dubai.


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