Aqaba, Jordan has just got its newest wreck and artificial reef.

The Royal Jordanian Navy and the Aqaba Port Corporation along with the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority have sunk a C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft 300m/984ft  off the shore.

According to Scubaverse, the wreck now lies at a depth of 17m/57ft and is in close proximity to the M42 Duster tank wreck. Along with being able to dive the aircraft and explore its interior, it is hoped in the long term that it will be colonised by marine life and develop as an artificial reef.

Naturally, before its sinking all biohazards including, fuel, oils, and other toxic materials were removed by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority. According to Commissioner of Tourism and Economic Affairs Sharhabeel Madi:

“The entire marine ecosystem benefits from creating an artificial reef like the C-130 Hercules. Whenever we are able to add a new structure like this, the whole area benefits from the added habitat and species diversity.”

Check out the video of Aqaba’s latest wreck below.

C130 Hercules sunk as an artificial reef of the coast of Aqaba