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The Cambrian Foundation Taking Science to Incredible Depths

This year at DEMA Show 2016, had a chance to catch up with the Cambrian Foundation to give you a little insight on their mission and the amazing work they do.

Grant Graves, West Coast Coordinator for the foundation, outlined the four core goals at the forefront of their mission: Research, Exploration, Education and Conservation.

This organization, which has been operating for close to 20 years, was started by Terrence Tysall to help assist environmental scientists, marine geologists, archaeologist and historians across the world to collect data and explore areas most people will never reach. The foundation provides a resource for specialized divers who can work incredibly well in deep and technical diving conditions. The unique skills that Cambrian Foundation divers bring to a project can help reduce the cost of research significantly or even make previously impossible missions possible. When the complexity of dives are larger, perceived and real risk are higher, it makes accurate data collection and task execution much more efficient when divers are trained and well-practiced. This group of experienced volunteer divers is often a critical tool working as a vehicle to reach a work site and complete a work list with such confidence in the dive operations that mental energy can be dedicated to the tasks at hand.

Another major focus of the work is outreach and education, demonstrating extreme dedication to reach youth and community groups throughout the world. This provides a path for the public to gain some understanding of the extreme and exciting work that is being done as well as the importance of protection for delicate environments such as cave systems. Some of the outreach is done through presentations at local schools or through interactive activities that can present information regarding the hydrology of the cave systems and how the multiple layers work to filter rain water until it reaches the cave. The education program drives home the importance of preserving clean water for all across our planet and the wonders of the underwater world right in many of our backyards.

One of the ongoing projects that is currently underway is the North Central Florida Cave Project, which began back in 1999. This important study looks at water quality within cave systems to analyze the impact anthropogenic activity is having on the health of this delicate ecosystem that supplies vital drinking water. Water sampling is performed regularly to monitor changes in water chemistry and microbial fluctuation.

To learn more about the projects the Cambrian Foundation has been involved in or to reach out for their expertise visit DEMA Team DEMA Team
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