Caribbean Cup 2016: A Photo Journey

Ashley Futral Chapman, flashing double shakas.

In a final wrap up of our Caribbean Cup 2016 coverage, I present another opportunity to enjoy the beautiful photos of the Caribbean Cup by Alex St. Jean and to reminisce on the total enjoyment everyone felt throughout.  Nothing sums it up better that the quote below by an American newcomer, Daniel Koval.

This was my first international competition and I have loved it so far. The thing that really helps me to keep the nerves down is pretty simple and has been told to me by many.

1st- Stick with what you know. Sometimes trying out different things is good, but not right before a competition. Focus on the training that has got you to the point you’re at.

2nd- Give yourself plenty of time to warm up. Even though I can do my warm-ups in about 15 minutes I give myself about 40 minutes just to relax and enjoy the water, the beauty around me, and show how good it feels to have come so far. I am actually quite the nervous person as I have never done well on tests or anything where I am put on the spot except in the water. That is my time to clear my mind and focus on no one else but Daniel Koval.  I can be 100% selfish as mother nature allows me to descend into her depths.

Nothing like keeping it simple and sweet.  For more of our coverage from the Caribbean Cup 2016 click here.

A fun dive with the sharks after the comp.more
Miguel Lozano, sleeping on the job or getting ready to dive. One of the two. more
A tender yet critical moment: Johnny Sunnex secures girlfriend, Sofia Gomez-Uribe's lanyard. more
The "Bubble Master", Mark Tilley.more
Kids playing in the "Bubble Master's" wake. more
Ashley Futral Chapman, flashing double shakas. more
Davide Carrera giving glory to God after a huge CWT dive. more
Pepe Salcedo: celebrating early! more
Trubridge beginning his exhale after a no fins dive. (Photo by Alex St Jean) more
Team Mexico with Alejandro Lemus and Estrella Navarro-Holm. more
Interesting shot by Alex St. Jean. Tomoka Fakuda relaxing before a dive. more
Freediver tower!more