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Caribbean Cup – And The Winners Are…

The final dives have been completed at the 2015 Caribbean Freediving Cup and points totals calculated to find out who the winners are.  We are pleased to announce that William Trubridge (New Zealand) and Ashley Chapman (USA) have won the respective men and women’s titles at this years competition in Roatan, Honduras.

The final day of the competition saw three new National Records set with Kurt Chambers (USA) completing a 92m Free Immersion (FIM) dive, Estrella Navarro (Mexico) setting a 64m Free Immersion (FIM) record and Edgardo Andrade (Honduras) setting a 40m Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) record.

The overall final full results are:

Caribbean Cup 2015 Final Results - Men Caribbean Cup 2015 Final Results - WomenDuring the closing ceremony our roving reporter Mandy Sumner (who set Personal Bests in all disciplines) caught up with many of the winners:

“It feels good after a bit of a break to have attended back to back competitions and earn the gold in both. I’m happy about my win at Caribbean cup but I definitely can tell where the work needs to be done for next year. I hope I made Ani proud.” Ashley Chapman – 1st Place Women’s Winner

“I’m so happy to be diving in a very nice place and I had so many good experiences. So happy to do all events and do well.” Hanako Hirose – 2nd Place Women’s

“Today I broke another record, 4 in total during the competition, all depth disciplines with this dive I got the 2nd place in FIM and Bronze in the overall!!” Estrella Navarro – 3rd Place Women’s

“I feel very happy and satisfied to have obtained 2nd place at such an important Free Diving competition as is the Caribbean Cup 2015. Even more amazed to have broken an Aida Continental record with a depth of 98m FIM on a dive that lasted 4:27 minutes. Goes to show that training hard has paid of for me. And to be part of such an elite group of Free Divers who also follow a strict discipline, and have themselves surpasses their own personal expectations is a thrill that I can’t explain. It’s a wonderful feeling of joy and content. I hope to be back next year just to be able to dive with the best of the best.” Alejandro Lemus – 2nd Place Men’s

“The Caribbean Cup has been the best competition for me in my freediving career. I feel comfortable and happy at depth and my approach is to make all my dives at ease, which has been accomplished so far.” Ken Kiriyama – 4th Place Men’s

“Don’t feel the need to celebrate the improvement on my record…Was just doing the minimum possible to assure a white card on the last day of the comp! But it ended up being the nicest dive of all through the week, so I suppose that’s worth celebrating!” Kurt Chambers – 3rd Place Men’s

Congratulations to all the winners and we leave you with a final few shots from the last day of competition.

Estrella Navarro (Mexico) - 3rd Place Women's
Estrella Navarro (Mexico) – 3rd Place Women’s
Ashley Chapman (USA) - 1st Place Women's Winner
Ashley Chapman (USA) – 1st Place Women’s Winner
Edgardo Andrade Celebrating After His New National Record For Honduras
Edgardo Andrade Celebrating After His New National Record For Honduras

Photos © Lia Barrett

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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