Wow – what a tremendous competition.

The final day of the 2016 Caribbean Cup is over and the winners crowned.  Gold medals and top podium places were awarded to William Trubridge (New Zealand) for the men, with Ashley Futural Chapman (USA) & Sofia Gomez Uribe (Colombia) jointly for the ladies.

The full final standings were as follows:

Caribbean Cup 2016 – Final Results – Overall Women
Caribbean Cup 2016 – Final Results – Overall Men

The final day of diving saw 4 National Records being set – Mexico saw male and female records falling with Alejandro Lemus (Mexico) completed a 64m Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) dive in 3min 14sec and Estrella Navarro (Mexico) diving 72m in Free Immersion (FIM) in 3min 1sec.  Other records on the day include Sebastian Lira (Chile) with a National and Continental Record of 65m Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) in 3min 9sec and Ashley Futural Chapman (USA) hitting 83m in a Free Immersion (FIM) dive completed in 3min 27sec.

Alejandro Lemus
Ashley Futural Chapman
Kurt Chambers

The Caribbean Cup is always a highlight of the Freediving calendar and the 2016 edition is no different.  Huge dives along with a highly emotional journey for numerous competitors made this a tremendous competition this year.

Caribbean Cup 2016 would like to thank Alex St Jean for providing stunning photos and Ashley Futural Chapman for taking time out from smashing National Records and competing in the competition to provide some very personal coverage for us.

Caribbean Cup 2016
Caribbean Cup 2016
Caribbean Cup 2016
Iru Balic
Competitors At The Closing Party of the Caribbean Cup 2016