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Join the DeeperBlue.com crew on location and reporting live at The Blue Wild - the Ocean Adventure Expo in Florida.

Manny Puig Showcased His Latest Hunting Spear At Blue Wild

Manny Puig Showcases His Newest Tridents At Blue Wild Expo

Florida icon and Outdoor Channel's "Savage Wild" host and star Manny Puig showed off his newest Trident hunting spears at this weekend's Blue Wild...
NAUI CORE Unites Divers Worldwide

NAUI CORE Unites Divers Worldwide

NAUI CORE provides a convenient hub to find the latest news about NAUI, manage your NAUI membership, access training resources, certify NAUI divers, complete online learning, and more.
The Blue Wild Expo 2017

The Blue Wild Expo Prepares For Its 10th Anniversary

The Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo is gearing up for its biggest year yet in 2017.  The Expo's 10th year anniversary will see 65,000...
Christopher Gillette's Latest TV Show Debuts This Week On The Discovery Channel

A Brief Chat With Wildlife Photographer ‘CrocodileChris’

Christopher "CrocodileChris" Gillette, the 28-year-old alligator wrangler and extreme wildlife photographer best known for his work on Animal Planet's "Gator Boys" TV show, spoke...
Headhunter Spearfishing Purchases Moana Waterman

Headhunter Spearfishing Purchases Carbon-Fiber Fin Maker Moana Waterman

Headhunter Spearfishing completed the purchase of carbon-fiber fin maker Moana Waterman just days before the 2018 Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo.
Forever Young Charter Company Bringing A New Vibe To Key Largo

Forever Young Charter Company Bringing A New Vibe To Key Largo

Key Largo has long been touted as the "Diving Capital of the World" for it's easy access to the Florida Keys Reef Tract, the 3rd largest...
Hammerhead Spearguns' New Dive Mask Light

Hammerhead Shows Off New Karbon Blades, Dive Mask Lights At Blue Wild Expo

New Karbon fin blades and dive mask lights were on display at the Hammerhead Spearguns booth at the Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo in...
Omersub Shows Off New Spearfishing Wetsuit With HECS Technology At Blue Wild Expo

Omersub Shows Off New Spearfishing Wetsuit With HECS Technology At Blue Wild Expo

If you attended this past weekend's Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and were able to tear your eyes away from...
The Blue Wild Expo

The Blue Wild Expo Bigger For 2016 And Moves Dates To April

The popular South Florida Freediving, Spearfishing and Marine Expo - The Blue Wild - is returning to Fort Lauderdale in 2016 for its 9th...
Evolve Team at The Blue Wild

Evolve USA Gives Pole Spearos a Second Chance

Extremely well-known in Hawaii, Phillip Ko and Evolve USA are giving pole spearfishermen a second chance to land the big one. Their patent pending...
Evolve Has a Pretty Cool Cooler Bag

Evolve Has a Pretty Cool New Cooler Bag

Generally speaking, cooler bags have been a necessary evil, but Evolve's new Kill Bag Extreme Soft Cooler series addresses a lot of common issues.
Umberto Pelizzari

Legends of Freediving, Spearfishing & TV To Appear At Blue Wild Show

The annual Ocean and Diving Expo in South Florida - The Blue Wild Show - has announced an amazing line up of legendary Freediving...
Florida Lawmakers Change 'Diver Down' Flag

3DBouy – A New Improved Diver Flag

Whilst at the Blue Wild Expo back in February we came across 3DBouy - a new concept Diver Flag aiming to improve safety for...
Neritic Diving pole spear

Neritic Diving’s Pole Spear Keeps Logging World Records

Neritic Diving's pole spear has helped break multiple world spearfishing records.
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