DEMA Show Coverage

Join the crew on location and reporting live at DEMA - the biggest diving trade show in the world.

La Paz Tourism Officials Attend DEMA Show For The First Time

For the first time, representatives from the city of La Paz on Mexico's Baja Peninsula are attending DEMA Show 2013. With more than 891 fish...

DEMA 2005 Special: Divers Set New World Record

Staff Writer Christopher Chin reports on a record breaking event at DEMA 2005.

The Evolution of a Dive Certifying Agency – Scuba Educators Incorporated

Tom Leaird, although a quiet man in person, has taken a strong stand in regards to his agency’s scuba instruction for many years.  He...


Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, and some people sit back and say “What happened?”  Luckily for people who are...

SEAC Introduces New Motus Fibrex Freediving Fin, L70 Mask

SEAC introduced a new freediving mask and fin at DEMA Show 2013 in Orlando this week. The Motus closed-shoe fin line comes in two types...
Don Kinney of Cylinder Inspection Training and author of the course.

International Training Provides Fully Compliant Cylinder Visual Inspection Training at DEMA for the First...

International Training has teamed up with Don Kinney of Cylinder Training Services to launch a program in cylinder visual inspection that is fully compliant...
Ikelite Showcases New Underwater Cameras at DEMA Show 2015

The Ikelite Equation: Great Tools + Better Photographers = Stunning Photos stopped by Ikelite's booth at DEMA Show 2015, and found out that the company wants to let you in on a little secret: You...
FORCE BLUE Gives Former Combat Divers A Mission Mind-Set When Healing From PTSD

FORCE BLUE Gives Former Combat Divers A Mission Mind-Set

Only one nonprofit provides mission-based therapy for former combat divers over the long term.

DEMA Show 2011: Coverage

DEMA Show 2011 in Orlando is all over. Check out our coverage from the Team
Valtamer Teams Up With Aqualung To Showcase ALLTAB

Valtamer Teams Up With Aqualung To Showcase Alltab Underwater Tablet

The Alltab is a unique underwater tablet that assists divers when documenting information underwater.
Kevin Sakuda displays Hammerhead's new colorful fins

What’s New at Hammerhead? Color!

Hammerhead is featuring its newest freediving fins and the industry’s first successfully hydro-dipped mask and snorkel at DEMA Show 2017.
Divers Alert Network at DEMA

What’s New At Divers Alert Network?

There is exciting news from the Divers Alert Network: The launch of the new Prepared Diver Program and major revisions of all their other...
Indigo Debuts At DEMA 2016 With Innovative New Products

Indigo Debuts At DEMA 2016 With Innovative New Products

Indigo Industries is a new business debuting at DEMA Show 2016, and they are presenting several new products targeted at addressing diver mobility. The Nautilus...
Ships to Reefs President Joseph Weatherby

Ships to Reefs Sinks Boats From Our Past To Ensure Our Ocean’s Future stopped by the Ships to Reefs booth at DEMA Show 2016 and chatted with organization President Joseph Weatherby about the group's continuing mission and how it has been changing...
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