DEMA Show Coverage

Join the crew on location and reporting live at DEMA - the biggest diving trade show in the world.

Terry and Theresa Simpson of Emperor Divers

Explore the Maldives (or the Red Sea!) with Emperor Divers Liveaboards

Whether you're in the Red Sea or the Maldives, traveling with Emperor Divers will make you feel like dive royalty.
Vivid-Pix introduces new features at DEMA 2015

Take Your Photos to the Next Level With Vivid-Pix Land & Sea

Last year, brought you coverage of Vivid-Pix, a user-friendly editing program specifically geared toward underwater photography.  The layout is polished and slick, fitting...
Stacy Frank, one of the founders of Lionfish University, with the speared lionfish dive flag she helped pioneer.

Lionfish University Ready to Test Revolutionary Tool in the War on Invasive Lionfish

Invasive lionfish have been winning the war against them for some time with populations growing 2,000% to 20,000% in just a few years. Local...
OpenROV’s Trident Redefining ROV Systems and Their Uses

OpenROV’s Trident Redefining ROV Systems And Their Uses

OpenROV is an open-source business, which aims to bring together people and technology to make the oceans more accessible to people and to scientific...
Bigblue Dive Lights Showcased At DEMA 2016

What’s New With Bigblue

Bigblue Dive Lights is a company that is a go-to for high lumens for exceptional prices. Erin Boone, Sales and Warranty Specialist, gave me the...
DEMA Show 2017

DEMA To Introduce New ‘Wave Makers’ Award

DEMA will be handing out a new 'Wave Maker" award at DEMA Show 2017 in Orlando, Florida to honor dive professionals who are relatively new to the industry.
Alex Rose and Jillian Morris showing their commitment to the ocean

Single or not, You can MERY the Ocean

Blue Ring Initiative highlighted at DEMA Show 2017
OCEANER Debuts New Competition Freediving Wetsuit At DEMA Show 2017

OCEANER Debuts New Competition Freediving Wetsuit At DEMA Show 2017

OCEANER's new competition wetsuit -- working title the "Super Comp" -- is so new, the Canadian company hasn't finalized its price yet.
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