DEMA Show Coverage

Join the crew on location and reporting live at DEMA - the biggest diving trade show in the world.

A Brief Chat With Watson DeVore, RAID’s New Head Of North America stopped by the RAID booth at DEMA Show 2014 in Las Vegas this week and had a brief chat with Watson DeVore, the...

DEMA Show 2004: Report 2

Publisher Stephan Whelan continues his look at the DEMA Show 2004 from Houston

DEMA Show 2014: Introduction

It's that time of the year again and the biggest thing in the diving trade calendar occurs - the DEMA Show!  As the biggest... Chats With NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries

It was a personal highlight this weekend at DEMA Show 2014 to sit down with Vernon Smith from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National...

DEMA Show 2012: Cascade Game Foundry Partners With Sylvia Earle On New Scuba Diving...

Seattle-based game development studio Cascade Game Foundry has forged a partnership with Mission Blue and The Sylvia Earle Alliance to develop the company's new...

A Glittering Tail of How Impossible Dreams Get Mer-Made really wanted to get a video interview with professional Mermaid Linden Wolbert, but the arid Las Vegas desert has been drying up her...

DEMA 2003 Highlights

Highlights from the 2003 DEMA Show

DEMA 2005 Special: Divers Set New World Record

Staff Writer Christopher Chin reports on a record breaking event at DEMA 2005.

DEMA 2006 Special: Day 1 – 8th October 2006

The DEMA 2006 Team report from the show floor after Day 1

DEMA Show Coverage Starts on Wednesday

The Coverage of the DEMA Show 2013 starts on Wednesday 6th November.  We have a team of reporters on the ground to help...

California Ships 2 Reefs: Helping Local Communities Go From Wrecked to Wonderful

Greg Wolf at the California Ships 2 Reefs program is excited about wrecks, and that enthusiasm is completely contagious. chatted with Wolf and other folks...

SeaCure Introduces New Moldable Mouthpiece

SeaCure introduced its new X-Type moldable mouthpiece this week at DEMA Show 2014 in Las Vegas. The company used its more than 20 years’ worth...

DEMA Show 2013 Videos: Undersea Voyager Project, SECON Metal Detectors, SEAC & Liquivision

During DEMA Show 2013 we had a number of roving reporters doing video interviews.  See our interviews with Undersea Voyager Project, SECON Metal Detectors, SEAC...

DEMA Show 2012: Kaplan Scuba Introduces New Waterproof Flashlight Battery Pack

Kaplan Scuba has introduced a new waterproof flashlight battery pack at DEMA 2012 in Las Vegas. The Green Force Titanium Tec Pac can handle three...
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