DEMA Show Coverage

Join the crew on location and reporting live at DEMA - the biggest diving trade show in the world.

DEMA Show 2012: Fastencil Equipment ID

Why would a diver spend $500+ for a BCD, $250+ for a wet suit, $75+ for a dive bag and then mark their name...

DEMA Show Coverage Starts on Wednesday

The Coverage of the DEMA Show 2013 starts on Wednesday 6th November.  We have a team of reporters on the ground to help...

La Paz Tourism Officials Attend DEMA Show For The First Time

For the first time, representatives from the city of La Paz on Mexico's Baja Peninsula are attending DEMA Show 2013. With more than 891 fish...

DEMA 2008: Day 2 Coverage

DEMA 2008 day 2 and more exciting news coming to you from the DEMA Show Floor.
DEMA Show 2017

Diving Trade Show DEMA 2017 Kicks Off Tomorrow

The annual diving industry trade show - DEMA - kicks off on Wednesday 1st November

Ikelite Introduces New Yellow Barrier Filters

Ikelite introduced its new Yellow Barrier Filter for dive masks, strobes, and dive lights at DEMA Show 2014 this week in Las Vegas. Looking for...

Apeks Aqua Lung Showcases Limited-Edition XTX200 Regulator

Apeks Aqua Lung showcased its limited-edition regulator at this week's DEMA Show 2014 in Las Vegas. First launched last month at the Birmingham Dive Show, the...

DEMA 2005 Special: Personal Best at DEMA

A total freediving newbie gets a taste of the wonders of static apnea.

DEMA Show 2004: Report 1

Publisher Stephan Whelan takes his first look at the DEMA Show 2004
Mares Introduces Razor Aqua

Mares Introduces New Fiberglass Freediving Fin

Mares has introduced its new Razor Aqua fiberglass freediving fins at DEMA Show 2015 in Orlando. The Aqua has a fiberglass fin blade that has a...
Mares Shows Off Spearfishing Product Line At DEMA Show 2016

Mares Shows Off Spearfishing Product Line At DEMA Show 2016

While visiting the Mares booth at DEMA Show 2016, had the chance to chat with Rick Trapp, Mares product manager and lab instructor...
Evolve USA

Evolve USA Innovates Again

Evolve USA shows off their rotomolded coolers, apnea teaching floats, and spearing floats at DEMA Show 2017.

From Big Blue to the Deep Blue by Ron Kipp

How do you follow up on a life which leads you up the corporate ladder at IBM; leaving the relative safety of the corporate...

DEMA 2002 Report: Setting The Scene

Stephan provides his thoughts and introductions on the first day of the DEMA Dive Show in Las Vegas.
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