DEMA Show Coverage

Join the crew on location and reporting live at DEMA – the biggest diving trade show in the world.

DEMA 2019 - Live Coverage

PADI’s IDC Gets a Revamp for the Instructors of the Future

PAID debuted its improved instructor development program at DEMA Show 2019.

Florida Keys Tourism, Two Years After Irma

A number of dive companies from the Florida Keys are here at this year's DEMA Show, eager to highlight how the region has recovered from Hurricane Irma.

Atomic Aquatics Reveal New SubFrame ‘Asian Fit’ Masks

Atomic Aquatics have revealed a new range of SubFrame masks at this year's DEMA Show with a new size named "Asian Fit."

Mandatory Nature Fee For Bonaire Diving Can Be Paid Online Now!

The Bonaire National Parks Foundation and STINAPA, which administers Bonaire's National Marine Park, have announced that the mandatory "Nature Fee" required of all divers in the Marine Park can now be paid online.

Getting To The Solomon Islands Just Became Easier!

The Solomon Islands are a key part to the Coral Triangle and easily rival other Indo-Pacific dive travel destination, with fabulous coral reefs, diverse marine life, and historic World War II wrecks.

The Diver Medic Showcases Diving Emergency Medical Responder Course

The Diver Medic showcased its Diving Emergency Medical Responder (DEMR) course at DEMA Show 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

Shark Allies to Florida Lawmakers: Sharks are Friends, Not Food

Want to save some sharks but don't know how? Shark Allies has all the details you need to protect those lovable predators.

The Filthy Mermaid Apparel Line: For Mermaids Gone Bad

The Filthy Mermaid is making a splash at DEMA Show this year with their apparel line of "Got-to-have goods for mermaids gone bad."

Spare Air Turns 40!

From a near-tragedy, the company was born and now, 40 years later, Spare Air is sold worldwide to recreational, technical, commercial and military divers.

Truli Wetsuits Partners with Local Dive Shops by Implementing ‘Designated Fitting...

Truli Wetsuits is partnering with local dive shops (LDS) with the introduction of their "Designated Fitting Site."

Mermaid Linden Leading the Way in Monofinnovation

Mermaid Linden is singing the siren-song of success with her innovative branded monofins.

Fourth Element Unveils Their New Range Of Recreational Freediving Wetsuits

Fourth Element are showcasing their new freediving range of wetsuits at DEMA Show 2019.

Ikelite: Protect Your Imaging Investment from Inside the Housing Bubble

Keep your camera safe and your shots well-lit with Ikelite's stock of camera housings and imaging lights.

PADI President Calls On Members To Be Ocean Ambassadors

From the surface to the abyss, PADI aims to recruit a billion "torchbearers" in the fight to preserve our oceans.
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