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[VIDEO] Beneath the Surface

This week's video is a short Freediving film about Frederic Jeanneau - who was once a part of the corporate machine and has spent...

Australian Depth Nationals – The Final Day

On the third and final day of the 2015 Australian Depth Nationals, a new world record in constant weight (CWT) did not manifest (sadly)...

Audrey Mestre Film “No Limits” Available Online

The ESPN documentary film "No Limits" that aired last night (23rd July 2013) has been made available online via Video Sharing site Vimeo.  See...
David Mullins in 2015. Photo by Julia Wheeler Photography

#OzDepthNats2015 – Day One

The Australian Freediving Association is hosting their depth nationals in Bali, Indonesia. Athletes from Australia, France, New Zealand, Indonesia, Ukraine and beyond are attempting...

Top 10 Freediving Videos

Freediving videos have started gaining popularity on sites such as YouTube for a few years now.  Some have even seen explosive growth into the...
Freedive Magazine Issue 7 Cover

Freedive e-Magazine Re-Launches On New Platform

Freedive Magazine has launched on a new platform. For those of you who haven't yet seen the magazine, Freedive Magazine is a quarterly magazine...

Freediving App Review Series: STAmina Apnea Trainer (iOS version)

This is part of the DeeperBlue.com Freediving App Review Series - a collection of reviews of Freediving related mobile apps. Each app has been reviewed based on a standardized set of criteria you can see here. In this article we review the STAmina Apnea Trainer App.
Sheraton Soma Bay Resort In Egypt To Host 'Miss Mermaid' Pageant

Sheraton Soma Bay Resort In Egypt To Host ‘Miss Mermaid’ Pageant

Have a hankering to be a mermaid model? The Sheraton Soma Bay Resort on the Red Sea coast of Egypt will be hosting a mermaid...

Herbert Nitsch Talks About His Fateful Dive and Recovery

Herbert Nitsch, who nearly lost his life during a world record attempt on 6th June 2012, has spoken publicly on social media sites about...
Natalia Molchanova CNF Record May 2014

Search For World Champion Freediver Natalia Molchanova Reduced

Natalia Molchanova, the 53 year-old Russian widely regarded as the world's best Freediver today, is reported missing and widely regarded as feared dead after...

Mermaid Minute #8 – Sea Anemones

The latest episode of the Children's Show Mermaid Minute has hit YouTube.  Episode 8: Sea Anemones LOVE Clownfish! See what we're finding ;)  can be...

The Physiology & Psychology of Freediving

Freediving is more than a sport - it is an art and a discipline. Cliff helps you understand the strains it puts on your body and mind.
Free2dive Individual World Championships

Cyprus Is Getting Ready To Host The 2015 AIDA Individual Depth World Championships

Now that the 2015 AIDA Individual Pool World Championships have finished in Belgrade, the athletes and organizers turn their attention to the next major...
Omersub Zero Cube Dive Mask

Technosport Recalls Omersub Zero Cube Mask

Technosport has issued a recall notice via the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for 2,600 of its Omersub Zero Cube Masks sold in the USA. "Non-conforming...
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