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Dave King brings in New UK National Freediving Record

Deeperblue has just heard that Dave King has successfully completed a new mens national record in the CWT discipline, of 78 metres, in Sharm...
Freediving Judges

AIDA International Judge Course Announced for Kalamata, Greece

Judges are the unsung heroes of Freediving competitions - armed with their Red, Yellow and White cards they ensure the competitions are run safely...

Frederic Buyle launches new website

Frederic Buyle, the former World Champion FreeDiver, excellent underwater photographer and friend to DeeperBlue.net, has launched his new project: Nektos. Fred's...

Yasemin Dalkilic to attempt new World Record!

"After many months of training, hundreds of e-mails and phone calls back and forth with the organizers, Yasemin is finally in Egypt ready to...

Sofía Gómez Uribe Sets Sights On CMAS Bi-Fins Freediving World Record

Colombian Champion Freediver Sofía Gómez Uribe wants to become the first Colombian to set a Freediving World Record. She will be attempting a Bi-fins Constant Weight...

Patrick Musimu Announces 3 World Record Attempts

Belgian Freediver Patrick Musimu announces his comeback to freediving and world record attempts together with Brazilian Freediver Karol Meyer, who have jointly announced a...

UK National FreeDiving Championships Photos

DeeperBlue.net have just posted the photos from the SaltFree UK National FreeDiving Championships in the Gallery. Head over to...

The Other Half

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik noticed his wall calendar had shrunk in thickness by half, and decided to make an issue of it.

IAFD/McCoy Report on Audrey Mestre's Death

Updated with Kim McCoys report, here is the IAFD official report into the death of Audrey Mestre in the Dominican Republic on October 12, 2002

Freediving competition in Zagreb, Croatia

Preparations are underway for the Submania Cup to be held in Zagreb, Croatia on 14th November 2009. Organisers say that they will host Static Apnea,...

Pacific Cup of Freediving ??? Dynamic Apnea and Final Report

Perry Gladstone concludes his report from the Pacific Cup of Freediving

Umberto Pelizzari "Manual of FreeDiving" now shipping WorldWide

DeeperBlue.com is now able to offer Worldwide shipping of Umberto Pelizzari's "Manual of FreeDiving" in English. Originally we were only able to offer...

2009 AIDA Freediving World Championships Bahamas

The 2009 AIDA Freediving World Championships will take place in Dean's Blue Hole, on Long Island, Bahamas. The organisers of this event are William Trubridge...

Guillaume Nery stars in BMW advert

The trend for freedivers to appear in commercials continues after as Guillaume Nery announces his role as the protagonist in a South African commercial,...
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