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On The Road to Cyprus – Part II

Regular contributor Emma Farrell continues her training diary as the weeks to the Cyprus competition tick by!

Don't Hold Your Breath

The Kona Freediving Challenge wins the world title for Longest Record Event, but justice is finally done.

Recreational Freediver Dies In Hawaii From Shallow Water Blackout

On Tuesday, Charles Andrew Chiswick died Tuesday in a free-diving accident off Rabbit Island in the Hawaiian Islands. According...

PFD Cayman 2004: Wrap-up

Paul wraps up coverage of the Performance Freediving Cayman 2004 extravaganza, and reads the tea leaves.

Freediving 2003 : The Deepest Bear Tells All

Sam lets us in on a year-end note the Deepest Bear dropped her...

AIDA Team World Championships – Egypt 2008

DeeperBlue has heard from the organisers of theAIDA TeamWorld Championship 2008 that preparations are well under way. The competition is due to start on the...

World Record Breath-holds Set

"It's something we've all tried at some point safely in our homes, but June 30th and July 3rd saw two of the worlds most...

New Danish DNF record

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William Trubridge – Free Immersion World Record!

Dean's Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas - William Trubridge (NZ) set a new AIDA world record in Free Immersion to a depth of 107m...

Loic Leferme Funerals

Loic's body will be cremated tomorrow during a private ceremony and a public homage will be given wednesday at 3:00pm in the "Citadelle" of...

III Ecuatorian Olimpic Festival Salinas 2005

From february 24 to february 26, the Ecuatorian Federation of Underwater activities realized a Freediving competition during the III Ecuatorian Olimpic Festival....

Finnish top freedivers hounding national records for charity

Three Finnish freedivers Eero Soralahti, JussiLehtonen and Jyri Vehmaskoski are planning to break Finnish national records infive freediving disciplines. The aim of the event...

New US National Record for Tanya Streeter

Renens, August 27 2005 - After a disappointing heat in which she failed to qualify for the finals, Tanya Streeter of Team...

US Freediving Team Trials

"The US Freediving Team has announced their dates for trials to form the team going to Ibiza, Spain on Sept 28 - Oct 7...
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