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Performance Freediving Team Members to attempt World Records

Performance Freediving Team Members Mandy-Rae Cruickshank and Martin Stepanek have registered to make world record attempts May 24th to 26th,2002 - which conincides with...

2002 Pacific World Cup Honors Jacques Mayol

The United States Freediving Team and A.I.D.A. USA, is honored to announce that the 2002 Pacific Cup of Freediving will be dedicated to the...

UK Freediver sets Dynamic Apnea Record

Fiona Gowland, a marine biology PhD student from Aberdeen, set a new Official UK Record in Dynamic Apnea by finning 100m.No international AIDA judges...

Setting the 76m British Record

UK No Limits Freediver Steve Truglia recounts the road to establishing the first no limits record for the U.K.

2002 CAFA Nationals

The Canadian Freediving team is a powerful force every time they compete in a world competition. Our own Peter Scott reports on the Canadian Nationals held in Vancouver , B.C.

IAFD opens three new freediving training facilities

The IAFD proudly announces the opening of three new training facilities with the VIVA DIVING RESORT:VIVA DOMINICUS in La Romana, Dominican Republic has become...

Herbert Nitsch to attempt 300 feet/91 meters in Constant Ballast

Austrian freediver, Herbert Nitsch, will make his bid for the magic depth of 300 feet/91 meters in his constant ballast record attempt, being held...

Patrick Musimu sets new world record

Our man in the Dominican Republic - Paul Kotik - has reported in saying that Patrick's record attempt in Constant Ballast of 87m was...

The Big Green: Freediving British Columbia

Not all freediving occurs in gin clear, tropical temperature waters. Staff writer Peter Scott shares his experiences for diving in his home waters surrounding Vancouver, British Columbia.

Safety in Freediving

Senior writer, Paul Kotik explains the process of freedive safety. A must read for anyone wanting to gain better insight into what it takes to become a safer freediver.

US Team Apnea Tryout results

"The US Freediving Team Apnea tryout results have been published. Held at the Kona Aquatics Centre, Hawaii, the result are as follows: Kevin Busscher, 114.4 points,...

World Record Holder Resigns from AIDA

"World Record holder, Eric Fattah has resigned as Vice President of the The Canadian Freedive Association (CAFA), which also removes him from being on...

New Freediving Motion Picture in development….

"Based upon the success of motion pictures Le Grand Bleu and OceanMen, All Media Management has decided to produce OceanWomen. OceanWomen is the story...

Freediving & Great White Sharks

"The Honolulu Star Bulletin is reporting that freediver Michael Garris whilst out spearing came face to face to what is best described as the...
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