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Octopus Freediving Noseclip

Octopus Freediving Offering Free Shipping For Noseclip Purchases During AIDA Depth Championships

Octopus Freediving is offering free worldwide shipping with the purchase of any of the company's noseclips during the AIDA Depth World Championships.
Miguel Lozano Deep Equalisation Camp In Dahab

Dahab Freedivers To Host Deep Equalisation Camp With Miguel Lozano

Miguel Lorenzo to hold Deep Equalisation Camp in Dahab hosted by Dahab Freedivers
Fourth Element Unveil Their Next Generation Oceanwear: Thermocline Revisited

Fourth Element Unveil Their Next Generation Oceanwear: Thermocline Revisited

Fourth Element's latest wetsuit is now fashioned to incorporate plastic from recycled post-consumer waste.

4th Serbian Open Freediving Championship Belgrade 2010

AIDA Serbia have officially announced the 4th Serbian Open FreedivingChampionship Belgrade 2010. The competition will be held in Belgrade, on20th February 2010, supervised by AIDA...

AIDA releases new report on suspension of AIDA Judge

The AIDA website has issued a new press release regarding the suspension of Bill Stromberg and the annulment of the two world record held...
Top 10 Diving Movies EVER!

Top 10 Diving Movies EVER!

Top 10 Diving Movies EVER! Here are the list of top 10 scuba diving movies ever made...
DeeperBlue.com - Review One Breath By Adam Skolnick

A Book Review of “One Breath” by Adam Skolnick

"One Breath" is a book that seeks to tell the true story of the often misunderstood world of competitive freediving. It is also a...
Submind Crowdfunding Campaign - Neckweight and Wetsuit

Submind Freediving Aims To Bring Innovation To Freediving Equipment

A new Freediving Equipment manufacturer SUBMIND FREEDIVING has gone public with designs for a rather sleek and good looking Wetsuit as well as a...
Beginners Guide to Freediving_ PART 4 - Do I Need To Do a Freediving Course (and Who Offers Courses)

Do I Need To Do a Freediving Course (and Who Offers Courses)

Welcome to our Beginners Guide to Freediving. In Part 4 of this series takes a look at why you need to do a Freediving course and who offers them.
William Trubridge #VB2016

William Trubridge Extends World Record for Second Time

Incredible breaking news coming out of the Vertical Blue competition in the Bahamas - two days after Kiwi William Trubridge set his 16th World...
The DB7 depth competition rig from below! Photo by Joakim Hjelm

Strong Performances Continue at Deja Blue 7

The PFI Deja Blue 7 competition in the Cayman Islands continues with numerous Personal Bests and a new National Record for the Cayman Islands...
Alessia Zecchini Sets New CMAS DNF World Record

9th CMAS Apnea Indoor World Championship Kicks Off With 2 World Records in DNF

45 athletes from all over the world are now competing at the 9th edition of the CMAS Apnea Indoor World Championship. Held in Lignano Sabbiadoro...
AIDA 2016 Freediving World Pool Championships – Mateusz Malina 232m Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) World Record

In Pictures: Mateusz Malina Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) World Record

Polish Freediver Mateusz Malina set an incredible 232m AIDA World Record in Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) on the second competitive day of the AIDA 2016...
Diveye Camera System

A New Era in Deep Freediving with Diveye Technology

The next big thing is here! If you are a freediving event organizer wanting a new level of media presence for your event, we...
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