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Freediving With A Sea Wolf:Part II

The second part of this unique journey following the steps of freediver Felix Leander learning with his passionate father Wolfgang the way of the shark.

BIOS Coca-Cola Open 2005 event cancelled

Alki David, head of BIOS, the organiser of the BIOS Coca-Cola Open 2005 event due to happen in September 2005, has announced...

Guillaume Nery wins new French National Records

Guillaume Nery won a new French National Record on the 1st of July with the depth of 72 metres in the Constant Weight No...
Orca Free - the best freediving suit?

Review: Orca Free 2mm Freediving Wetsuit

We look at the new FREE 2mm freediving wetsuit from triathlon brand Orca

Trubridge annouces first ever competition in Bahamas

WilliamTrubridge has announced details of the first major competition to be organisedby Vertical Blue in Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas. The dates of the competitionwill...
Freediving eBook

Review: Freediving — The Book of Freediving

There is a new introductory Freediving book in English on the market, we caught up and interviewed with one of the authors, Kimmo Lahtinen,...
Diving Records - Humans vs Animals

Diving Records: Humans vs. Animals

In the quest for diving records - who comes out on top? Humans or Animals?

Three National Record Attempts to take place

On May 17th, 18th and 19th, three National Record Attempts will take place in Miami, Florida, sponsored and organized by the IAFD.Matt Briseno and...
Miguel Lozano Deep Equalisation Camp In Dahab

Dahab Freedivers To Host Deep Equalisation Camp With Miguel Lozano

Miguel Lorenzo to hold Deep Equalisation Camp in Dahab hosted by Dahab Freedivers
Beginners Guide to Freediving_ PART 13 - Perfect Your Way To Duck Diving

Perfect Your Way To Duck Diving

Welcome to our Beginners Guide to Freediving. Part 13 of this series takes a look at the Perfect Duck Dive.

Picking Your Brain

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik's remaining brain cells were recently an on-screen feature at a medical symposium. And yours?

And Now, For My Next Magical Trick

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik surveys the diving world in era of A.B. - After Blaine.

AIDA declare Stepanek dive invalid

On Thursday 27th September 2007 the AIDA board announced that the recent Constant No Fins World Record dive of 83 meters was...

Karol Meyer walks away with first place in Brazilian pool comp

  Brazilian freediver KarolMeyer, who is also the current Continental women’s Static Apnea champion, camefrom the last National Brazilian comp, the V Dive Games -...
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