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Profile Series: Yasemin Dalkilic

In conjunction with her accomplishing her 105m Variable Ballast record, Yasemin Dalkilic answers out questions in our continuing Profiles series.

New Freediver's Safety Gear on the Way

A new safety device for freedivers is on the way, according to "Freedive!" author Terry Maas. It will be a safety vest that the...
Jacqueline Dent training in November 2015. Photo by Fluid Dive. Source: FB

Jacqueline Dent Sets New US Dynamic No Fins Freediving Record

US competitor Jacquelyn Dent set a new national record in Dynamic No Fins with a solid 142m performance during the Australian Pool Nationals in Sydney, Australia, held May...

New Snorkeling Mask Developed

French watersports company Tribord has developed a full-face, all-in-one snorkeling mask. Dubbed the Easybreath, the mask allows the snorkeler to breathe through the nose as...

Condolences to family and friends of Vladimir Yuzov

The freediving community has just learned with great sorrow, that the Vice-president of AIDA Ukraine Vladimir Yuzov, has unfortunately died in a road accident...
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