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Mermaid Minute #8 – Sea Anemones

The latest episode of the Children's Show Mermaid Minute has hit YouTube.  Episode 8: Sea Anemones LOVE Clownfish! See what we're finding ;)  can be...

The Physiology & Psychology of Freediving

Freediving is more than a sport - it is an art and a discipline. Cliff helps you understand the strains it puts on your body and mind.
Free2dive Individual World Championships

Cyprus Is Getting Ready To Host The 2015 AIDA Individual Depth World Championships

Now that the 2015 AIDA Individual Pool World Championships have finished in Belgrade, the athletes and organizers turn their attention to the next major...
Omersub Zero Cube Dive Mask

Technosport Recalls Omersub Zero Cube Mask

Technosport has issued a recall notice via the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for 2,600 of its Omersub Zero Cube Masks sold in the USA. "Non-conforming...

Vertical Blue 2008 – It's Happening Beneath the Surface – Part 1

Peter Scott on location with updates and behind the scenes reporting on the Vertical Blue competition at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas.

Freediver Lesley Rochat Poses Nude For Anti-Shark Net Awareness Campaign

South African freediver and marine conservationist Lesley Rochat has set out to prove by example that sharks are not the evil, man-eating predators people...
Audrey Mestre Reflective Prior to Final Dive

Personal Reflections on “No Limits” and Audrey Mestre

24 hours has passed since the first airings of ESPN's Nine for IX film "No Limits" that covers the tragic events surrounding the death...

iPhone Apps for Freedivers

The iPhone helped change the world of mobiles, now check out the App available to help improve your breath hold and freediving skills.

Near World Record Tuna off of the Oregon Coast.

Freediver John Cheesman, who is an avid Freediver and Spearfisher in the Pacific Northwest, recounts for our Freediving Editor, Cliff Etzel, the challanges and experience of pursuing the elusive tuna.

STAmina Apnea Trainer Mobile App Now On iOS

There is a brand new iOS application for freedivers, spearfishers and for everyone else who is interested in apnea training - the STAmina Apnea...
Book Lying On The Beach

10 Essential Books for Freedivers presents the top 10 essentials for any Freediver's bookshelf.
I Can Hold My Breath

Freediving App Review Series: I Can Hold My Breath

This is part of the Freediving App Review Series - a collection of reviews of Freediving related mobile apps. Each app has been reviewed based on a standardized set of criteria you can see here. In this article we review the I Can Hold My Breath App.
Natalia celebrates her Golden son Alexey - Photo by Daan Verhoeven

AIDA International and Molchanova Family Issue Joint Statement On Missing World Champion Natalia Molchanova

AIDA International and the family of missing World Champion Freediver Natalia Molchanova has issued a formal statement regarding her disappearance whilst Freediving in the...

Beginners Training for Freediving

Cliff introduces some basic techniques to start training for Freediving.
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