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Apnea Nutrition website provides info for freedivers

Tomas Schiffer, a masters graduate in nutrition from Stockholm University / Karolinska Institute, has developed a website to assist freedivers in their eternal quest...

Suunto Vertical Blue Partners with Masimo for #VB2015

For the first time in freediving history, Masimo MASI, -2.04% maker of breakthrough Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion(TM) pulse oximetry, has equipped the Suunto...

Last few spaces available on "Introduction to FreeDiving" Courses

We have only a couple of places left on our 10/11 September "Introduction to FreeDiving" course down at the Submarine Escape Training...

RESULTS from Greece: Guillaume Nery Takes Gold

The 3rd Med World Cup is now over, many new records were established and myriad personal bests achieved. Freediving athletes from far and wide all...
AIDA International Logo

Medical Study Into “Lung Squeeze” Releases Initial Report

Following the death of Nick Mevoli in 2013, AIDA International embarked on a series of activities to prevent such an issue occurring again. Kimmo Lahtinen,...
The legend, Carlos Coste during his entry. He just HAD to wear the tutu!

Deepsea Challenge 2016: Variable Weight, Statics, Depth…Oh My!

This is my family's first time to Bonaire and it won't be our last.  Not as long as the dynamic duo Carlos and Gaby...
Freediving for the Disabled

Performance Freediving International and Freediving For The Disabled

Kirk Krack has been freediving since his childhood, 'snorkeling' off the family sailboat. He was a lifeguard and swimming instructor as a teenager and...
Yoga for Freediving - Training & Performance

Review: Training and Performance: Yoga for Freediving Course

"This is what freediving is really about; it is a process of looking inside ourselves and, when we meet the challenges and blocks, we have an...

Freediving Watch Review

Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine have written an interesting review on a range of dive watches designed for freediving.  The brands covered are the Mares Nemo...

Turkey World Record Attempts, June 2004 – Day 6

Stephan is on location with Yasemin Dalkilic and David Lee as they attempt new world records for F.R.E.E. Read his latest installment

CAFA Depth and Pool Competition Summer 2011

Vancouver, British Columbia -- This past weekend the Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea held its annual late summer competition, featuring both pool and...

An Argument for a Unified Standard

Cliff presents a case for why Record Certifying Agencies should begin to Unify.

The Not Next Big Blue ?

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik's exclusive interview with Sky Christopherson, director of The Greater Meaning of Water
John Griffith At The Dahab Blue Hole

Diving & Competing In The Blue Hole: A Journey To The RedCcup 8th Edition

Associate Editor John Griffith travels to Dahab, Egypt, and its famous Blue Hole to join the Freediving community at the RedCcup
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