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Underwater shot of free divers training in low water in the tropical sea, Amed, Indonesia

Making Freediving More Accessible To Local Communities

How can we make a proper freediving education available to everyone, not just those who can afford it?
Immersion Freediving's Ted Harty with the Dimitris Kollias award

Immersion Freediving’s Ted Harty The Latest Guest On The Freedive Cafe Podcast

Immersion Freediving founder Ted Harty is the latest guest on the Freedive Cafe podcast, where he discusses his personal approach to Freediving.
Lady free diver ascending along the rope in the depth

Why You Should Learn Freediving From A Certified Instructor

Learn the benefits of obtaining your freediving education from a certified professional.
Paralympian Wojtek Czyz To Attempt Two CMAS Freediving World Records

Paralympian Wojtek Czyz To Attempt Two CMAS Freediving World Records

Four-time Paralympic champion Wojtek Czyz will be attempting to set two CMAS freediving world records later this month.
Check Out Prana Maya Freediving's 2019 Events Schedule

Check Out Prana Maya Freediving’s 2019 Events Schedule

If you have freediving the Mexican Riviera on your bucket list, Prana Maya Freediving has released its exciting schedule of events for 2019.
Ant Williams (courtesy of Facebook)

Freediver Ant Williams Sets World Records For Deepest Dive Under Ice

New Zealand Freediver Ant Williams this past week set a pair of World Records for his 70-meter (230-foot) and 75-meter (246-foot) Constant Weight (CWT) dives under the ice in the waters above the Arctic Circle.
Sofia Gomez Uribe

Freediver Sofia Gomez Uribe Featured In ‘La Sombra’ Music Video

Colombia's Sofía Gómez Uribe has been featured in countless photos of her freediving at major tournaments in the Caribbean and other parts of the world. Now, however, she can add music videos to her resume.
Umberto Pelizzari's 'Specific Training For Freediving'

Check Out Umberto Pelizzari’s New Freediving Book!

Champion Freediver Umberto Pelizzari recently announced that his new book, "Specific Training For Freediving," has been published and is now available for purchase.
hand reaches for a glass of whiskey or cognac or alcohol drink, alcoholism and alcohol abuse concept, defocused, selective focus, close up, gray table, dark background

How Drinking Alcohol Affects The Freediver’s Body

Learn the effects drinking alcohol has on the freediver's body.

AIDA’s Board Seeks New Secretary

If you're a freediver who's passionate about the sport and want to help grow one of its main governing bodies, AIDA is looking for a volunteer to serve on its board and take on the role of Secretary.
Sara Campbell

Profile: Sara Campbell

We continue our profiles of world-class freedivers, here we find out more about British World Record holder Sara Campbell
Swiss Indoor Pool Freediving Championship Scheduled For This May

Swiss Indoor Pool Freediving Championship Scheduled For This May

If you're looking to test your pool freediving mettle and plan on being in Europe in May, this year's Swiss Indoor Apnea Pool Championship will be held May 18-19, 2019 in Montreux, Switzerland.

Review: XS Scuba Apnos Freediving Mask

We look at the new freediving mask from XS Scuba - the Apnos
Two freedivers - the man and the woman - are making the simultaneous dive at the depth of Blue Hole, Red Sea, Egypt. The picture seems very romantic.

10 Ways To Find A Freediving Buddy

Discover the different ways to find your next freediving training buddy.
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