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Kate Middleton was greeted by fishes on her way up from her national record for New Zealand, and then brightened up the literally dusty atmosphere with her smile

More National Records Fall In 2015 AIDA Individual Depth Championships Pre-Competition

The Pre-Competition in Cyprus continues in the lead up to the 2015 AIDA Individual Depth Championships (#aidaworldchampionship) and athletes continue to shine with no...

[VIDEO] Beneath the Surface

This week's video is a short Freediving film about Frederic Jeanneau - who was once a part of the corporate machine and has spent...

The Winners of Freedive Paradise 2015

Countless warm-ups, dozens of dives and three days later Freedive Paradise 2015 is a wrap. Winning the competition overall (and for the women) was Jessea...

Freediver Lesley Rochat Poses Nude For Anti-Shark Net Awareness Campaign

South African freediver and marine conservationist Lesley Rochat has set out to prove by example that sharks are not the evil, man-eating predators people...
#AIDAWCBelgrade2015 Aris Ioannidis

The 15 Most Stunning Photos Of #AIDAWCBelgrade2015

In our final piece covering the AIDA 2015 Individual Pool World Championships, we take a look back over the athletes and the competition with...

Pipin Ferreras Responds to ESPN Film and Announces New Dives

Pipin Ferreras, the husband of the late Audrey Mestre, had initially refused to be involved with the recent ESPN documentary covering the death in...
Kurt Chambers on the surface, photo © Mike Hong

In Pictures: Freedive Paradise 2015

Local Hawaiian photographer Mike Hong captured some stunning images from last weekend's Freedive Paradise depth competition. Check out a gallery of selects here and...

iPhone Apps for Freedivers

The iPhone helped change the world of mobiles, now check out the App available to help improve your breath hold and freediving skills.

[VIDEO] Freediving Bahamas 2015, a week aboard the ‘Someday Came’

This week's video is from SoCal Spear-It and as they said on the video description... "It was so beautiful we almost forgot to do...

[VIDEO] Underwater Dance

This week's video is from Gabriel Forestieri doing an underwater dance whilst freediving off the coast of Ibiza.  Set to choral music it shows...
One Minute Of Breath Hold For Natalia Molchanova

A Worldwide Minute of Apnea For Natalia Molchanova

On Friday, September 11, 2015 at the opening ceremonies for the 2015 AIDA Individual World Championships freedivers from around the globe will be remembering...
#AIDAWCBelgrade2015 Aleix Segura Vendrell Takes Gold in STA Final

Aleix Segura Vendrell and Natalia Molchanova Secure Gold Medals After Static Apnea Finals

Aleix Segura Vendrell (Spain) and Natalia Molchanova (Russia) have both taken gold medals in the A & B finals of the Static (STA) discipline...
Estrella Navarro - Big Blue International Freediving Competition

Estrella Navarro Announces the “Big Blue” in Baja, Mexico

Looking for perfect ocean conditions and the company of world champion freedivers? Then look no further than the Baja Peninsula in Mexico this fall....
Freedive Paradise Hosted By Team USA Freedivers Mandy Sumner and Kurt Chambers

Team USA Freedivers To Host Hawaii Competition Freedive Paradise

The United States largest international competitive freediving depth event, Freedive Paradise 2015, will be held in Captain Cook at Pu'uhonua o H?naunau on August...
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