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World Class Freediver to Carry Olympic Torch

"U.S. Female Freediver, Annabel Briseno, was selected for the Olympic Torch Relay a few months ago. Her day is fast approaching. To give an...
AIDA International 2016

Last Call To Register For AIDA 2016 Team World Championships In Kalamata

The organizer of the AIDA 2016 Team World Championships in Kalamata - Stavros Kastrinakis - has put out a reminder on Facebook that all...
Shell at depth (photo courtesy of PFI)

Shelby Eisenberg is Now the Deepest Self-Propelled Woman in USA History

Shell Eisenberg set a new National Record for the U.S. with an incredible dive to 85m in Grand Cayman at Deja Blue 9

Watch Trubridge's World Record Dive to 300 feet

William Trubridge became the world's first athlete to achieve a 300 ft  (92m) dive in the discipline of "constant no fins" on April 19,...
Alessia Zecchini at Dean's Blue Hole.

Alessia Zecchini Sets New Women’s Freediving World Record To 102m

Italian Freediver Alessia Zecchini has set a new World Record in Freediving by completing a Constant Weight (CWT) dive to 102m in three minutes and...
Beginners Guide to Freediving_ PART 2 - History of Freediving

History of Freediving

Welcome to our Beginners Guide to Freediving. In Part 2 of this series takes a look at the History of Freediving.
The Watermans Pack

Watermans Pack – The Subscription Box for Freedivers and Spearos (and Surfers, SUPers…)

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days - from razors, mens and womens clothing to geek fandom boxes all can be ordered direct...
Raghda Ezzeldin Aly NR Egypt 5.03min

Three Static Breath-Hold National Records Set On Day Two Of RedCcup

The second day of the RedCcup freediving competition in Dahab, Egypt saw the setting of three new National Records in the Static breath-hold discipline.
Inge Verbruggen National Records

Belgian Freediver Inge Verbruggen Sets 3 New National Records

Dahab’s famous Blue Hole witnessed 3 national records last week. Belgian freediver Inge Verbruggen got 2 white cards on April 28th for a new...

Day 32 – Five out of six is even better!

Tom Lightfoot reports for the PFI Team down in Grand Cayman during the World Record attempts

Lotta Ericson announces FreeDiving record event in Dahab

Lotta has just announced, for the third time, that she will be holding an event where FreeDivers from around the world have...

Umberto Pelizzari hits -131m

"On Saturday 3rd November 2001, Umberto Pellizari emerged at 14:56 CET in the sea of Capri with a new world record in variable weight...
William Trubridge At Deans Blue Hole

William Trubridge Postpones March World Record Attempt

Recently we announced that William Trubridge was planning to try and best his current world records in Free Immersion (FIM) record as well as...

Yasemin Dalkilic returning to Freediving after 6 year absence!

Yasemin Dalkilic, one of the most recognizable names in freediving, is coming back to the sport she helped popularize after a six year absence...
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