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Fit for Diving: Part 2 – Strength

Rebecca Coales takes a look at Fitness for Diving in this mini-series here on Check out Part 2 - Strength

[VIDEO] A Place Below: A Freediving Short Film

This week's video is a short Freediving film by artist Emma Critchley and British freediver Liv Philip. This short film portrays one freediver’s journey to...
William Winram prepares to plunge to 145m

William Winram Sets Freediving World Record in Egypt

Canadian freediver William Winram is on top of the world -- or as the case may be at the bottom of the ocean. Today Mr....

Suunto D4 – Freediving and Scuba Computer

Mark Evans from Sport Diver UK and Stephan Whelan from join together to review the newest dive computer from Suunto - the D4

RAID To Launch Online Freediving Courses

RAID - the diving agency that is making big waves in the recreational and technical scuba market - has announced via a FaceBook page...
Underwater EMOM — Ben Smith - The CrossFit Games

Crossfit Encouraging Deadly Hyperventilation As Part Of Training

Our friend Roman Castro from SpearoBlog has brought to our attention a potentially dangerous and deadly pool training technique on their Facebook page and...
Freediver in the Dahab Blue Hole - Copyright Wendy Timmermans

The Second RedC Cup To Be Held In Dahab In August

The second edition of the RedC Cup - a growing international Freediving competition - will be held in Dahab, Egypt on August 27th-29th 2015. Dahab...
Stig Severinsen

Stig Severinsen Sets A New Guinness World Record, Swims 500ft Under The Ice

Four-time Danish World Champion freediver Stig Severinsen announced this week that he had achieved a new Guinness World Record by swimming 500 feet (152.4...

Claire Paris Sets a New Freediving Record for USA

At the first annual California Cup Competition Claire Paris set a new national record in the pool discipline of dynamic no-fins. A marine scientist...

Red Bull Presents: Herbert Nitsch BACK FROM THE ABYSS

Nearly one year ago Herbert Nitsch attempted to improve upon his own World Record in the the sled category of No-Limits. On June 6th...

Croatian Freediver Goran Colak Breaks Guinness World Record For Longest O2-Aided Breath Hold

Croatian freediver Goran Colak this past weekend broke the Guinness World Record for the longest pure oxygen-aided breath hold at 22 minutes and 30...

What Is The Most Popular Freediving Certification Agency?

We recently ran the largest global study of Freedivers to help answer two of the key questions - do you hold a freediving certification and if so which certification agency you hold a certification with. Read on to find out who is the market leader in Freediving Certifications.
Pure Apnea

Pure Apnea and NELOS Establish Joint Freediving Education System

South African based Pure Apnea and Belgium based Nederlandstalige Liga Voor Onderwaterzoek En Sport (NELOS) have announced a new joint initiative aimed at providing...

The #1 reason why Scuba Divers shouldn’t Freedive

The number one reason why Scuba Divers shouldn't Freedive, according to Feargus Callagy of, is that you can get bent if you mix...
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