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AIDA 2016 Freediving World Pool Championships – The Crowds at the Closing Ceremony

AIDA 2016 Freediving World Pool Championships – That’s A Wrap!

Wow - what a tremendous competition this years AIDA 2016 Freediving World Pool Championships was! Over the course of the 9 days, 95 athletes from...

Search continues for missing No-Limits Freediver

Santorini, Greece - The search for Adel Abu Haliqa, the No-Limits Freediver who went missing on 7th June, continues.  A specialist dive search team...

Sweden hosts 5 new FreeDiving events

Sebastian Naslund from Sweden has informed us that he is organising five FreeDiving events on the west coast of Sweden during August...

Loic LeFerme sets new record

"Loic LeFerme today (Saturday) set a new record out in Nice, France. He managed a 154m no-limits dive in 3.15 minutes. Freediver UK is out there...
Review: Oxygen by William Trubridge

Review: Oxygen by William Trubridge

We take a look at the new book Oxygen by William Trubridge

Ashley Futral Chapman is Officially the Deepest (unassisted) Woman in the World

May 4, 2012 Ashley Futral Chapman breaks the Constant Weight No Fins World Record with a dive to 63 meters (207) at Performance Freediving's...

Freedivers In Ocean Preservation Alliance

Washington, DC -- World Champion breath-hold diver Martin Stepanek and teammate Niki Roderick are partnering with the ocean conservation group Oceana leading...
Korean ‘Haenyo’ Freedivers Could Get UNESCO Heritage Listing Soon (Photo credit:

Korean ‘Haenyo’ Freedivers Could Get UNESCO Heritage Listing Soon

South Korea’s female freedivers who harvest seafood are on the fast track to be listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. According to a...

Australian Depth Nationals – The Final Day

On the third and final day of the 2015 Australian Depth Nationals, a new world record in constant weight (CWT) did not manifest (sadly)...

Video: DEMA 2016 – Gannet Dive Company Coverage of DEMA Show 2016 in Las Vegas in conjunction with - more @ In this video we talk to Gannet Dive...

Sayuri Kinoshita – A World Record in Pictures

On Tuesday, April 26th at 12:00 noon sharp (eastern time zone) Sayuri Kinoshita of Japan took hold of her destiny when she successfully completed...
Adam Stern - PADI AmbassaDiver

Australian Freediver Adam Stern Becomes Latest PADI AmbassaDiver

PADI, the world's largest diving agency, has just announced that Australian Freediver and Instructor Trainer Adam Stern has been selected as the latest AmbassaDiver. PADI...

Cyprus 2004 Coverage – Constant Weight Day 1

(updated 15th June)Staff Writer Emma Farrell is on location in Cyprus for the Bios Freeology Open Classic 2004. Join her as she catalogues the event in her weblog
Mariam Alquattan From Kuwait

Pan-Pacific Freediving Championships Kick Off

The Pan Pacific Freediving Championships at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre began started today with Static (STA) championships. The competition which will be the biggest...
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