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AIDA International release statement on missing No-Limits Freediver

AIDA International, the international federation that represents competitive freediving, has released a statement on its website announcing the loss of Adel Abu Haliqa. The statement...

Berlin 2005

New Contributor and Greek Team Captain Panos reports on the Berlin 2005 Competition

Freediving World Champion Teaching In Texas!

"Starting November 3rd, Tanya Streeter, World Champion Freediver, will be hosting "Redefine Your Limits" Freediving Clinics in Austin, Texas. Tanya will be holding the...

Vertical Blue Announces an “Open Event” for 2012

Vertical Blue has established itself as one of the world's premiere freediving competitions boasting:        - more records (18 world records and 110 national records at its last four events)        - more...

Freediving 2003: Game Over

Bedeeka, bedeeka, bedeeka : that's all, folks !

Vertical Blue 2013 Registration Open

The 6th Annual Vertical Blue competition has opened it's doors to registrations.  Billed as the "World's Premiere Freediving Event", the competition this year has...
Oceanprana recruiting Freediving Instructors

Oceanprana Bali Is Recruiting Freediving Instructors

Oceanprana Bali is recruiting AIDA freediving instructors for the 2018 season.

More Freediving National Records (UK and Croatia)

The waters have Dahab have brightened the spirits and hopes of freedivers worldwide this week. The astounding news of Sara Campbell has rocked the...
GoFreediving Club Day

UK Freedivers Gather for Summer Party with GoFreediving

UK Freedivers get a chance to enjoy the stunning weather, enjoy some Freediving sessions, a chance to try out £7,000 underwater scooters and socialize...
Divesangha Dry

Divesangha, Inspired By Divers For All Ocean Lovers

What do divers need from their clothing? We look at Divesangha who produce comfortable, practical and stylish divewear aimed at people who love the ocean

People’s Choice – Cast Your Vote for the Best AIDA Freedivers

The nominations are in and AIDA have announced the finalists in the 2011 Suunto sponsored "Best AIDA" Freedivers.

Worlds 2004: from behind the lines – Day 1

Staff Writer Pete Scott is one of the organising committee at the Vancouver Worlds and here gives the first of his perspectives from behind the scenes

Carlos Coste sets new Constant Weight World Record

The Venezuelan freediver Carlos Coste, descended -90m of depth in Apnea Constant Weight to overcome the previous registration that was in being able to...

Patrick Musimu sets new world record

Our man in the Dominican Republic - Paul Kotik - has reported in saying that Patrick's record attempt in Constant Ballast of 87m was...
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