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World Class Freediver to Carry Olympic Torch

"U.S. Female Freediver, Annabel Briseno, was selected for the Olympic Torch Relay a few months ago. Her day is fast approaching. To give an...

AIDA Team World Championships 2008 – Men's Constant Weight Results

Here are the latest Individual results from the Contstant Weight results sheet in Sharm-el-Sheikh at the 2008 AIDA Team Freediving World Championships.

Eric Fattah Achieves a Personal Goal and Sets New Canadian Record

Today at Deans Blue Hole, on the last day of William Trubridge's Vertical Blue 2010 invitational, Eric Fattah entered an elite league of freedivers who have successfully...
Let Water Born's Siren Call Beckon You Home to the Deep

Let Water Born’s Siren Call Beckon You Home to the Deep

What does it mean to be "water born?" Those that self-identify are people who live their lives in, around, or on the water. It...

Ahmed Khoori – New Emirati Freediving Champion

Emirati freediver Ahmed Khoori, born on the 18th February 1979 has gone against all odds to break out as the new freediving champion of...

New UK Static Record Set

From the pool deck here in Vancouver I can report that Dave Harries from the UK has set a new UK Static...

Final day of “Triple Depth” lands 7 more Freediving Records

The final day of the Triple Depth competition in Dahab yielded a further 7 national freediving records on top of the 9 on day...
Glass and Water - Freediving Photography Mark Harris

Glass and Water: Interview with the Author – Mark Harris

As a bit of an introduction about the author, Mark Harris is a respected International Freediver. His experience means he has the capability to...

The Freedive Show — Part VI

Pete and Eric look at the Women's Static and Dynamic in this installment of the Freedive Show leading up to the 2003 Sony Freediver Open Classic

Rob King sets New U.S. National Freediving Record

Robert King has set a new United States National Record in the freediving discipline of Constant Weight with a dive to 92m on Monday...

Cayman 2006: Martin hits a hattrick!

West Bay, Grand Cayman, BWI - Czech freediver Martin Stepanek of the Performance Freediving Team has set yet another World Record in...
Nirvana Oceanquest Returns To Colombia In 2017

Nirvana Oceanquest Freediving Competition Returns To Colombia In 2017

The Nirvana Oceanquest freediving competition will be returning to the waters off the Colombian island of San Andres next month. The annual event will be...

The Freedive Show — Part III

Pete and Eric continue their six-part guide to the Sony FreeDiver Open Classic 2003. This week they run through the male contenders

Mat-Mas Announces New Monofin Designed For Dynamic & Deep Freediving

The 800 series or "XX" as they call it at Mat-Mas is the first monofin that Mat-Mas has...
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