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Ocean Advocacy is all about help to save and preserve our oceans. Explore Ocean Advocacy on DeeperBlue.com.

Divers emerging from the sea after a Clean Up dive in Curacao

Curacao Divers Team Up to Protect Their Reefs

Divers in Curacao combine forces to protect the island's reefs.
Sport Diver Bahamas Diving Bash - may include Sharks

International Shark Attack file Releases Its 2017 Report

The international shark attack file has released its 2017 annual report.
Stream2sea Reef Safe Sunscreen

Stream2Sea Announces Tinted Sunscreen

Stream2Sea introduces a new coral safe tinted sunscreen.
Kids fight to save the oceans and whales

Charity Empowering Children To Save The Ocean

New charity Kids Save Ocean aims to have children’s voice heard about the future of our seas.
Scientists Confirm New Shark Species (Photo credit: Ivy Baremore/MarAlliance)

Scientists Confirm New Shark Species

Scientists have determined that sixgill sharks that live in the Atlantic Ocean are not the same species as the sixgills in the Pacific and Indian oceans.
Seychelles Creates New Marine Protected Areas

Seychelles Creates New Marine Protected Areas

The Seychelles government has announced the creation of two new Marine Protected Areas off the archipelago.
Aliwal Shoal, Indian Ocean, South Africa, blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) swimming in ocean

Demand For Shark Fin Soup In China Sees 80 Percent Drop

Shark fin soup consomption in China is down by 80 percent.
New Coral Nursery Installed in Bonaire

New Coral Nursery Installed in Bonaire

A new coral nursery has been constructed at Oil Slick Leap in Bonaire.

Northern Irish Waters Now Part Of The Marine Antiquities Scheme

The U.K.'s Marine Antiquities Scheme has been extended to the waters of Northern Ireland.
Riley Elliott freedives with a shark

Kiwi Couple Tags Sharks While Freediving

Kiwi couple Riley Elliott and Amber Jones recently freedived with sharks off the Aldermen Islands near the country's North Island.
Stream2Sea Partners With NAUI Green Diver Initiative

NAUI Seeks Full-Time Manager For Its Green Diver Initiative

NAUI is looking for a new manager for it’s Green Diver Initiative.
woman freediving underwater looking at a large whale shark in the Philippines

How Freediving With Baited Whale Sharks Is Actually Killing Them

While freediving with whale sharks looks harmless and fun, freediving with baited whale sharks is actually harming their diet, migratory patterns, and causing unnecessary injuries to them.
Scientists Can Now Model The Biodiversity Of The Sea Floor

Scientists Can Now Model The Biodiversity Of The Sea Floor

Oceanographers are now able to figure out how diverse the sea floor is.
Endangered Angel Sharks Reported In Adriatic Sea

Endangered Angel Sharks Reportedly Found In Adriatic Sea

Researchers have found evidence that two of the three endangered angel shark species are still managing to survive in the Adriatic Sea off Croatia.
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