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New French Biopic On Famed Ocean Explorer Jacques Cousteau Due Out In 2016

New French Biopic On Famed Ocean Explorer Jacques Cousteau Begins Production

A new French-language film chronicling the life of famed undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau will be in cinemas in October 2016. "L'ODYSSEE" will start production soon,...
Bull Shark Adopted By Pro Dive International

Bull Shark Adopted By Pro Dive International

Mexican diving resort Pro Dive International recently announced it had adopted a bull shark that inhabits the waters off the Riviera Maya. Maria Jose Lledo,...
GoPro Has Released A 'Truth Below The Surface' VR Video

Check Out GoPro’s ‘Truth Below The Surface’ VR Video

Want to view different species of sharks in a unique way without getting wet? Well, GoPro recently released "The Truth Below the Surface" --...

Freediving And Scuba Diving Ambassadors Heading To The Galapagos

Right now on the remote island of Galapagos there are a team of Freediving and Scuba Diving ambassadors from Cressi traveling on a 12...

Whole Foods To Begin Selling Lionfish

With the war against Lionfish heating up off the coast of Florida, looks like at least one grocery chain is getting into the business...
The SUSiE Chronicles: Jumping Off The Cataraman

The SUSiE Chronicles: Life Aboard An Exploration Science Expedition

My name is Mallory Morgan and I recently graduated from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, California. This past July I joined...
Rob Stewart's Sharkwater

VIDEO: Watch Rob Stewart’s 2006 Award Winning Documentary “Sharkwater”

After the shock of the news that Sharkwater director Rob Stewart died in the Florida Keys filming the follow up to his 2006 documentary,...
Biologist Sonia Rowley Receives Prestigious Award For ‘Twilight Zone Reef’ Research (Photo credit: Sonia Rowley)

Biologist Sonia Rowley Receives Prestigious Award For ‘Twilight Zone Reef’ Research

Marine biologist Sonia Rowley, a research fellow at the University of Hawai?i at M?noa, has been awarded the prestigious Sir David Attenborough Award for...
Share Your Shark Images with Researchers

Citizen Scientist – Scuba Dive for Science

Looking for another excuse to go diving? Then become a citizen scientist and dive for science. One of the most time consuming, therefore most...
Free-diver Julia Wheeler swims through three tonnes of rubbish in Bali

Freediver Ends Up Swimming Through Tons Of Rubbish

Free diver Julia Wheeler ends up swimming through several tons of rubbish in the sea off Bali
A dead coral in the East Flower Garden Bank. (Image credit: FGBNMS/G.P. Schmahl)

Corals Are Dying In A Part Of The Gulf Of Mexico And Scientists Don’t...

Scientists are really puzzled at a recent die-off of once-beautiful corals and sponges that inhabit a reef about 100 miles/161km off the shores of...
Depths Of The Ocean Hero

The Depths Of The Ocean

Just how deep is the ocean?  Sometimes it's difficult to comprehend just how deep the ocean is and when we go diving how we...

New Curacao Coral Reef Restoration Effort Begins In May

A group of private and nonprofit organizations will begin setting up a coral restoration effort next month off the shores of the Caribbean island...
Crowdfunding campaign for film featuring Cousteau’s son and grandchildren to launch soon

Crowdfunding campaign for new Cousteau film to launch soon

Looks like a new Cousteau film about the underwater world is in the works, and members of the public will have a chance to...
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