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Scientists: Dive Computers Can Play A Role In Measuring Ocean Temperatures, Climate Change (Photo credit: National Facility for Scientific Diving)

Scientists: Your Dive Computer Can Play A Role In Measuring Ocean Temperatures, Climate Change

Turns out your dive computer can be used for more than just logging how deep and how long you dove.A study just published in...
Industrial Divers Corp. diver removes tires from ocean floor. (Photo credit: Industrial Divers Corp.)

Using Tires To Make An Artificial Reef Sometimes Isn’t The Best Idea

Sometimes what seems to be a good idea can wind up being terrible in hindsight.Take, for example, an effort in the 1970s to create...

Lionfish Now Invading The Mediterranean Sea

If you thought Lionfish were a problem only off South Florida and the Caribbean, think again.The Mediterranean Sea is the latest area to see...
GoPro Has Released A 'Truth Below The Surface' VR Video

Check Out GoPro’s ‘Truth Below The Surface’ VR Video

Want to view different species of sharks in a unique way without getting wet? Well, GoPro recently released "The Truth Below the Surface" --...
Sea Women To Snorkel Northwest Passage

‘Sea Women’ To Snorkel Northwest Passage

Most folks, when they think of snorkeling, they envision pristine blue waters with reefs full of colorful fish. One group of 10 women, however,...
Shark advocate and actor Morgan Freeman lobbied the US Congress recently to ban shark fin sales.

Shark Advocate And Actor Morgan Freeman Goes To Washington

Actor Morgan Freeman, who happens to be a big shark fan, was in Washington, DC recently to lobby for legislation that would ban shark...
RAID International has launched a Whale Shark specialty course.

RAID Launches Whale Shark Specialty Course

There’s definitely something that whale sharks have that captures the imagination of just about every diver who’s had the privilege of swimming with these...
'Sharkwater' Filmmaker Making New Documentary Exposing Companies That Use Shark Fin Products

‘Sharkwater’ Filmmaker Making New Documentary Exposing Companies That Use Shark Products

Rob Stewart, the filmmaker who made the award-winning movie "Sharkwater," is working on a new, shark-related movie project.The original "Sharkwater" exposed the exploitation and...
Two free divers swimming over vivid coral reef in the Red Sea. Egypt

Who Wouldn’t Wanna See Pharaonic Statues Underwater?

Ever wanted to dive the Red Sea and visit an artificial reef made up of pharaonic replica statues?Well, looks like some Egyptian environmentalists are...
Andy Brandy Casagrande IV

Interview: Andy Brandy Casagrande IV On Filming The World’s Most Dangerous Creatures

Sharks...some of us love them and most of us hate them. Whatever your views, you can’t deny that they’re amazing and fascinating creatures. When...
Conservation International's 'Valen's Reef' Virtual Reality Film Due Out On June 20 (Photo credit: John Martin)

Check Out ‘Valen’s Reef’ Virtual Reality Film On June 20

Looks like a combination of virtual reality and underwater filmmaking is becoming the "next big thing."From The New York Times' "The Click Effect" to...
Cornell University and the University of Queensland are offering a free, online shark biology course.

Cornell, Queensland Universities Offering Free Online Shark Biology Course

Looks like this summer’s upcoming “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel won’t be the only place you’ll be able to learn more about sharks.Cornell...
The Marine Conservation Institute is holding a 'Summer By The Sea' photo contest.

Marine Conservation Institute Holding ‘Summer By The Sea’ Photo Contest

If you're an avid underwater shutterbug and tend to spend your vacations by the ocean, the Marine Conservation Institute is offering the chance to...
Curacao Coral Reef Restoration Effort Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Curacao Coral Reef Restoration Effort Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

A coral restoration effort off the shores of the Caribbean island of Curacao celebrated its one-year anniversary last week.The effort began in May 2015...
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